Seaglass Carousel Ticket in Battery Park, NYC

Rendezvous At the Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park 

This Summer has been full of family visits, guided tours yours truly, exceeding my daily step goals and daily caloric intake. And one of the places I was most excited about going with my nieces was the Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park. Everything about it is dreamy,  from the location, to the architecture, the huge colorful tropical fish and the… Read more →

Rendezvous at Spice in Brooklyn, NYC

Rendezvous At Spice

Two weeks ago, I planned to meet my ruggedly lovely relative Jean to blog about a Bastille Day event in downtown Brooklyn on Smith street that he said he enjoyed a couple of years back. I love when people look out and give me things to blog about. He raved about going to this event before and how I would… Read more →

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