Brooklyn Flea Record Fair 2016, NYC

Rendezvous At the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair

Recently I went out to the picturesque Williamsburg waterfront, for the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair. I know, I know nobody listens to records anymore and you only find those things in your Dad’s boxes in the garage, but you’d be wrong, especially in New York. DJ’s aren’t the only ones keeping those vinyl discs alive in fact, vinyl is growing… Read more →

coffee date

Coffee Date With Trudy #4

Wow it’s been a while since our last coffee date. I found a new place to meet, somewhere in Greenwich Village and afterwards we can go to the park and get food from the Bengali food cart. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time. Nothing Earth-shattering has happened with me but I’d love to hear more from… Read more →

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