coffee date

Coffee Date With Trudy #4

Wow it’s been a while since our last coffee date. I found a new place to meet, somewhere in Greenwich Village and afterwards we can go to the park and get food from the Bengali food cart. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time. Nothing Earth-shattering has happened with me but I’d love to hear more from… Read more →

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Asanda Spa in Soho

How I Celebrated Spa Week

Spa week just happened in New York and I’m not usually able to take advantage because I am always on a budget. But I was determined to try something new. I was scanning Groupon, as usual, and found a deal that I could use and it was at a spa that I had heard great reviews on, the Asanda Spa… Read more →

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The Met Gala 2016 Manus x Machina

On the first Monday of May every year, the biggest and most opulent Senior prom in the world comes to New York. It’s called the Met Gala. At the price of a $30,000 ticket and the world’s eyes on you, you come out to show out. Each year there is a selected theme around the Gala that is well thought… Read more →

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Intrude at Brookfield Place, NYC

Here Come the Bunnies, Intrude at Brookfield Place

Last Saturday, I enjoyed a perfect weather and although I felt like death warmed over I went outside to enjoy it. In the last post I took pictures at the World Trade Center here and after that walked to Brookfield Place to get something to eat because I know their food court is really good. Besides being right next to… Read more →

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World Trade Center

Rendezvous With Outdoors

Over last weekend after being homebound from the flu, sinusitis and bronchitis. (yes this is no exaggeration) I finally got out of the house, risked my life by taking the train to be exposed to more pathogens, and tried to catch the last day of the Tribeca Film Festival. I didn’t catch it and that’s a long story that’s so… Read more →

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Lower Manhattan, NYC

My Happiness Non Negotiables in NYC

I was tagged by the very sweet Stacey, blogger of Nobody Said It Was Easy¬† for this post.This one made me think hard on what is actually necessary for me and what is a luxury. There isn’t much that I can’t get on a daily basis in NYC, if I really want it. But, there are a few things out… Read more →

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Around the Blox

Rendezvous Around the Blox

As a reader of this blog you know that I am always looking and discussing new and hidden gems around the city, like concerts, and artistic events. Well here is a new service that will put you right in touch with the great events and spots that we miss out on trying to absorb all of NYC. That’s where the… Read more →

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