Planning a Flying Weekend Visit to Austin

Why Austin, Texas? If you’re looking to get out of New York for the weekend, then you could pick a worse place to visit than Austin. The Texas capital is like New York in some ways – it’s a big city, after all – but also decidedly different. Indeed, this city is pretty different from just about everywhere; you only… Read more →

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Keep in Contact! Easy Ways To Stay In Touch When You’re Traveling

Ask any person their biggest regrets in life, and wishing they had traveled more will often be high on the list. We live on such a huge, incredible planet and staying in one place really is a shame when there’s so much out there to be discovered, places to explore and things to learn. You gain a whole new perspective… Read more →

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The Best European Rendezvous City Breaks To Take Advantage Of

I’ve been doing some research because I’ve caught wanderlust fever. And a European vacation is on my near future “bucketlist”. If you are tight on vacation time or vacation dollars a short trip may be the answer. A four-day weekend may be just enough to fit in the dream trip city break. A city break can be really magical. When… Read more →

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A New York Rendezvous To Bermuda Without Breaking The Bank

When you’re looking for a break, but you don’t want to break the bank, you might start to think that some warm sunny beaches are beyond you. And of course, traveling from the world’s busiest city is going to cost even more, right? Well, it is possible to travel from New York to the sunny coral sands of Bermuda on… Read more →

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Curlfest in Prospect Park, NYC

Rendezvous At CURLFEST

I’m a little late posting about this amazing event that I finally got to attend in July. It was CURLFEST and if you haven’t heard of it that is fine because you will. It’s hosted by the Curly Girl Collective and it is a yearly event that celebrates curly, kinky hair and promotes you loving your hair and the texture… Read more →

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Coney Island Mermaid Parade Rendezvous En New York

3 Reasons to Rendezvous At The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade happened on June 17th, it was the 35th anniversary of the parade and the 90th anniversary of the Cyclone wooden rollercoaster. It was my first time attending this Summer tradition at Coney Island. Unfortunately, the weather was not my friend and made sure that I knew it. It poured so hard, that I’m sure some… Read more →

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NYC Bloggers with Rendezvous En New York

Fated Rendezvous With NYC Bloggers 

Ever since I started blogging, it has been a goal of mine to explore New York City as much as physically possible. When I started I didn’t know many other bloggers in my area except for the ones I’ve met through photography and writing classes. It was a great surprise to see how many other New York bloggers there were.… Read more →

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