10 Kids’ Party Food Ideas

Hosting a kids’ party and not sure what foods to lay on the table? Kids can be picky eaters – while you may be able to rely on your own kids to eat certain foods, there’s no guarantee that other kids will eat these foods. As a result, it’s worth having a spread of different foods to choose from. Finger foods are the best option, especially if it’s a party for young kids who haven’t quite mastered cutlery yet. Below are just a few classics that are worth adding to your table. 

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Cocktail sausages

These small little sausages are a reliable option at parties aimed at all ages. They’re usually skewered on a cocktail stick, although you can just serve them on a plate as they are. You can also buy mini sausage rolls containing these sausages. For any vegetarian or vegan kids, consider a bowl of veggie cocktail sausages or veggie sausage rolls. 

Mini pizzas

Mini pizzas are a great option at parties too. You can buy these pre-made or make your own – check out this simple mini pizza recipe using tomato, mozzarella, olive oil, and bread flour. For older kids, you may be able to simply serve up a whole pizza cut into chunks. Mozzarella tends to be the safest topping, but you add other pizzas too to provide some choice. 

Finger sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are the ultimate finger food. But what should you put in them? Cheese and turkey are safe popular options. You could also consider tuna mayo and egg mayo. For vegetarian options, consider jam or cucumber and hummus. Use cocktail sticks to stop these from falling apart.

Carrot sticks

Carrot sticks are a great way to get some veggies on the table – a lot of kids won’t bite into a whole carrot, but will happily devour small carrot sticks. Cucumber sticks are another popular option that you can serve with these. You can chop up your own carrot and cucumber sticks or you can buy them pre-chopped in a bag.

Breadsticks and dips

Kids love breadsticks. These are perfect for eating with some tasty dips. A few popular dips to eat breadsticks with include hummus, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and cheese sauce. Most of these dips can be bought in packs. Of course, there is the option of making your own dips if you want to test your skills in the kitchen. Things like guacamole and cheese sauce are very easy to make yourself. 

Fruit/cheese on skewers

Fruit kebabs are a fun way to encourage kids to eat some fruit. These consist of fruit skewered on a cocktail stick. You can use all kinds of fruits  – a few popular options include grapes, strawberries, pineapple chunks, and apple slices. You can also add cubes of cheese to these skewers. Make sure that young kids are accompanied when eating these foods. 

Rice bubble slices

When it comes to sweet snacks, rice bubble slices are a childhood classic. You can buy them premade from a store, however they’re very easy to make oneself. Check out this rice bubble slice recipe – all you need is some rice bubbles or rice pops, honey, butter and sugar. You can even get your kids to join in when making them.

Cup cakes

Cup cakes are another great sweet snack to have at a kids’ party. You can buy them from a store, or bake them yourself. Making your own cup cakes allows you to experiment with toppings including different icing and sprinkles. Consider cooking them with your kids so that they can choose their own creative toppings. Check out this simple cup cake recipe

Party rings

Party rings are another reliable kids’ party snack. You can buy packets of these in most stores (grab a couple packets as they’re likely to go fast!). If you’re feeling slightly more ambitious, consider baking your own party rings. They’re actually surprisingly easy to make – you can use store bought cookies and add icing, or you can make your own simple ring cookies

Strawberries and chocolate

When it comes to fruit, strawberries are a good option for kids. You can make these even more appealing by dipping them in chocolate. You can dip them in chocolate and let them dry before serving, or you could supply a chocolate fountain and let kids do the dipping themselves. This can be a fun and interactive feature to add to your party. Chocolate fountains can be bought pretty cheaply online and even hired from some places. 

With these suggestions, I think that you have full buffet of choices for a kids’ party to keep everyone satisfied. Do you have recipes that you lean on for childrens’ parties? Tell me your suggestions in the comments below.

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