13 Ethical Brands You Should Know About

13 ethical brands you should know about

Do you want to make sure your purchases positively impact the planet and the people within it? Many brands have a negative social and environmental impact. However, there are a growing number of ethical brands that are trying to make a positive difference. Buying from these ethical brands could make you feel better about spending your money. Below are 13 ethical brands that you need to know about.

Beyond Meat

The meat industry has a substantial negative impact on the environment, however many of us find it hard to give up the taste of meat. Beyond Meat is an LA-based company dedicated to helping more people become vegan by creating incredibly convincing meat substitutes. Studies show that the Beyond Burger generates 90% fewer gas emissions from cradle to distribution than your average beef quarter pounder.


Bio-D specializes in ethical cleaning products. Their detergents are plant-derived and come from renewable sources. No animal testing is used on any of their products. If you’re looking for a green and friendly way to clean your home, Bio-D could be a brand worth trying. 

Brilliant Earth

When it comes to choosing ethically sourced diamond jewelry, San Francisco jeweler Brilliant Earth is one of the best choices. When you buy from Brilliant Earth, you have the choice of ethically sourced natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. It’s all conflict-free and fair-mined. The company is also serious about sustainability and sells jewelry made from recycled precious metals. 


Cotopaxi’s mission is to make “Gear For Good’ and the meaning behind that is that they make travel gear with the Earth in mind, ethical, sustainable and to uplift communities and make a lasting impact. Cotopaxi donates one percent of its revenues to charities and ninety four percent of their items are repurposed, recycled or responsibly sourced materials.

Crap Eyewear

Funny name but serious about the environment. Crap eyewear is another one percent for the planet, certified climate neutral brand, that makes fashion forward biodegradable sunglasses. You don’t have to worry about how these frames look even though they are plant based, they’re priced right and stylish.

E.L.F. Cosmetics

This Oakland-based ethical make-up brand is 100% vegan and certified by PETA. You can trust that no animal products and no animal testing is used to make their products. You’ll find a range of different cosmetics on their site. Most products are effective and are priced below ten dollars.

Ethical Bean

Coffee-lovers that want to reduce their carbon footprint should check out Canadian company Ethical Bean. This company sells 100% certified organic coffee products including 100% compostable coffee pods. On top of this, their beans are all sourced from fairly-paid farmers using sustainable farming techniques.

Just Egg

Another food company that is making alternatives to our usual diet choices is JUST. The company is known for making a vegan egg that is made from mung beans. It scrambles just like regular eggs and is made from plants instead of coming from factory farms that pollute rivers and mistreat chickens. If you are planning on going vegan, it’s one less thing to miss the taste of.

Lucy & Yak

UK company Lucy & Yak have become renowned for their stylish jeans. They’re also an incredibly green clothing company with almost all of their clothing coming from organic and recycled sources. The company has also taken extra measures to fight climate change such as planting 15,000 new trees.


UK bath product supplier Lush are known for their strong stance against animal cruelty. Although Lush do not consider themselves an ethical company, they were one of the first companies to unite make-up and environmental responsibility, continuing to champion many sustainable practices. They also have good fair trade practices. 

Malaika New York

Mailaika New York is a fashion label known for their low-waste cutting techniques. They also use a large proportion of eco-friendly materials including organic cotton and upcycles materials. Shop through their range of dresses online.


New York makeup company Trestique sell cruelty-free and sustainable make-up. Their range of products includes everything from lipstick to foundation. Check out their zero-waste make-up routine online.


WAMA’s USP is organic underwear. Much of their underwear is made from either organic cotton or hemp. Their clothing is made in company-owned factories in China where workers have fair wages and quality working conditions. Give this company a try next time you’re looking for some undies.

Do you keep in mind a company’s ethos when you shop with them? If so, do you have a favorite ethical brand that you support? Let me know all about it in the comments below, let’s keep this conversation a two way street!

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