13 Things You Must Do On A Rendezvous At Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC

Brooklyn as a borough is extremely trendy at the moment. Not trendy per se for New Yorkers but for tourists. As far as most New Yorkers are concerned Brooklyn has always had a different and less pretentious attitude than Manhattan.

I think that is why I feel most at home in Brooklyn, it has an eclectic vibe and is hella diverse in its neighborhoods and attractions. I think that’s why if I had to leave my beloved Queens, Brooklyn would be my next choice even though it is being gentrified like crazy. One positive benefit that has come from the gentrification is an attraction that I don’t get tired of visiting, that is the Brooklyn Bridge Park. In fact, this time I am giving you 13 reasons to make sure that you visit it, tourist or not.

How Many Ways Can You Entertain Yourself at Brooklyn Bridge Park?

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place to see beautiful and thought-provoking art installations. It’s so easy to walk past most things because you are rushing from here to there but you’ve got to admit, that there is always something to see. And to top it off every year the photography festival Photoville is shown in the park
Anish Kapoor’s Descenion in Brooklyn Bridge Park
Hot Dog Bus At Brooklyn Bridge park in NYC
Hot Dog Bus by Erwin Wurm
Dumbo Sign in Brooklyn Bridge park
Photoville at Brooklyn Bridge Park
Photoville at Brooklyn Bridge Park

2. During the Summer months, the Park is the perfect place to get some air and enjoy a free movie with the best view in Brooklyn. The menu is an upscale version of movie theater food made fresh by some of NYC’s favorite vendors. And on alternate Saturdays, there are plays put on by New York Classical Theater company.

Movies with a view at brooklyn Bridge Park

3. Every Summer from June until September, there is a free dance party with a live band under the Manhattan Bridge, called Live At the Archway each Thursday. The music is varied from Jazz to Afro beats and always lively. Tell me that isn’t worth a visit to the park!

4. Roller skating at Pier 2 …need I say more? I don’t think so! You can check out my aging body experience here. There are also days of free kayaking in the water next to the rolling skating rink, as well as seining in the water for local marsh creatures.

Pier 2 rollerskating rink at Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC , Rendezvous En New York
Roller skating rink at Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park

5. To get the most spectacular views of the East River Harbor, take the NYC Ferry to or from Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 and if you are lucky you’ll catch a wonderful sunset picture.

Views from NYC Ferry

6. You can take a ride on Jane’s Carousel when the line isn’t too long. It is so beautifully maintained and so whimsical. Every horse’s face is so animated, the gold and silver leaf, such a work of art.

7. You don’t even have to go within the park to see some of the most Instagram-worthy scenes in New York City. Just search Brooklyn on the explore page on Instagram to see my point. I know that you’ve seen that famous picture on Water and Front street in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge which borders the park, that corner is ridiculous on every day of the week. But besides, that corner there are striking shots to get in the park.

The corner of Water and Front street in Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC
The corner of Water and Front street right outside Brooklyn Bridge park in NYC

8. In the mood for music in a classical vein? Then you can catch a concert at Bargemusic docked at the Fulton Landing at the park and on Saturdays, you can see a concert in between the other activities you have planned at the park.

Bargemusic in NYC , Rendezvous En New York

9. The assortment of different foods available at the park is pretty extensive and it isn’t only kid-friendly finger food. For example, the famous Grimaldi’s pizza, Lucille’s pizza, Shake Shack, Fornino’s and Luke’s Lobster for signature quick bites. Then there are more upscale choices like Booze Bar, Cecconi’s, Sugarcane, The River Cafe, Dumbo House, Ignazio’s and the upcoming Time Out Market Hall. And you can’t forget the ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and Ample Hills Creamery. I do have to make more of a dent in the food there.

10. One of the best reasons to be there are the people watching that happens especially in the warmer months. It’s not malicious people watching but the happiest of events going on that you can’t help but stare at. Like quinceañeras, birthday parties, and weddings. A quinceañera is a coming of age party for a girl from Latin American descent turning 15 and they are as extravagant as weddings. The dresses and her “court” are matching perfectly. It is a sight to see on any given weekend in a rainbow of colors. The wedding dresses are beautiful as well. It is just nice to see the families so happy with the photographers and their crew in tow.

11. There is the opportunity to rock climb at Dumbo Boulders if that is your thing. During Outdoor Fest every year there are opportunities to try rock climbing for free with the help of an experienced climber.

12. The most obvious reason for me to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park is to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It is the centerpiece of the park and if you go for a guided tour, a bike ride or like me a photography walk you won’t be disappointed with the views on the Manhattan side or the Brooklyn side. These are some of my favorite pictures of the bridge.

Photo Walk with Girl Gotta Hike, Rendezvous En New York

13. And finally you can become a better person at the park. By that I mean to volunteer to maintain the park and the coastline, they are always looking for more help. Also, there are classes to teach you about the ecosystem in the waters of the park at the Environmental Education Center with an aquarium of all of the life in waters and information to learn all about them.

Salt marsh at Brooklyn Bridge Park NYC

After giving you more than a handful of reasons to visit the park, what do you think you would do if you visited the park? Which reason was the most persuasive to you? If you have visited before, what did you do while you were there? Tell me about it in the comments, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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  1. While I was in Manhattan numerous times, I never took the opportunity to travel to Brooklyn before we moved to Florida. Perhaps that’s something I need to remedy when I go back to Connecticut in September.

  2. Oh, gosh, so many choices – if I were there with the girls, definitely the carousel and a movie, and we’d probably try to walk over the bridge. If it were just my hubby and me, we’d eat our way through after biking the bridge 🙂

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