25 Types of People I See on the Subway

I came across this video on a friend’s Facebook page and it made me laugh so hard because I have met every one of these 25 people on my train ride home. Take a look and notice how New Yorkers are never phased by the nonsense going on in front of them. We are so jaded by the shenanigans.

Come on experience a subway ride with me!  See the 25 types of people I meet on the subway from the YouTube channel Simpy Yue.

Until our next rendezvous …

20 thoughts on “25 Types of People I See on the Subway

  1. God! We have exactly the same flora and fauna here in Paris! I guess you also have some i-phone pickpockets, we’ve got thousands! 🙁

    1. Yes iPhone is very popular which is why I don’t have one. Also I’m happy to know this is a world wide phenomenon, not just NYC since I now have confirmation from Berlin and Paris,

        1. Although it is intimidating at first because it’s busy , its really easy here . Half of the buses I take you need no explanation to where they go because the signage is so simple.

            1. Even as angry as everyone thinks New Yorkers are, we kind of like helping people,lol! So ask if you ever use the subway , you’ll be surprised how many people jump to answer your question.

                1. I’ve seen it and even I was pleasantly surprised seeing five people jump at a foreigners request for which stop to get off, i actually held back myself. You know New York was voted on of the friendliest cities in the U. S. right?

  2. I love this video everytime I watch it. I admit that I am definitely a seat-diver (or what the video refers to as #1. Mr. Steal Your Seat), however if there is someone elderly/pregnant/disabled, I will get up. I HATEEEE Showtime, and everytime I get on the D at 125, it ALWAYS starts in my car. -__-

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