3 Effective Ways To Express Generosity

Sharing your time and express generosity

Being kind and helpful is rewarding for your mental health and overall well-being. And many people need help in several aspects of their life. According to statistics, 11% of Canadians fall on some assistance to meet their basic needs. So, knowing the type and how much help you can offer is essential. This information allows you to prepare and take care of yourself first, as you cannot pour from an empty cup. On that note, below are some uncomplicated ways to be helpful to others.

Focus on spending quality time with others

Spending quality time is an unspoken way to show attention and care to the people you choose to be with. It involves intentional interaction that, more often than not, enriches the lives of the people you choose to hang out with. Furthermore, according to experts, quality time spent with others is therapeutic to the parties involved. Life can get stressful; sometimes, a person might need someone to talk to or interact with to take their mind off their troubles or solutions. You’re contributing positively to their mental well-being by offering to be that person. For example, you can join a mentorship program to mentor people who want to tread the same career path as you.

Earn specialized knowledge in an area people struggle with

To be helpful to others, you must have something to offer, whether tangible or not. One way to do this is to become an expert in a field that puts you in a position to help others. For instance, if you become a health coach, the specialized knowledge you earn becomes useful to others. You will be able to provide needed guidance on how people can live healthily. Moreover, you can speak on authority because you have the qualifications to offer specialist help in an area people often struggle with.

Perform small acts of service

sharing is a way to express generosity

Charity is very popular in Canada, and you wouldn’t be wrong to do a few. Statistics indicate that by the second quarter of this year, 26% of Canadians had given to various charities around the country. Even better, it has been projected that 44% of the population will have done so by the end of December 2022. Some acts of service include volunteering at old people’s homes, veteran facilities, or hospitals. It can also be in the form of community services like feeding the homeless, picking up mail for others, etc. Indeed, the possibilities are endless. 

By being selfless, you will be of help to others, especially when they need it. To be more impactful, it may be wise to think through and plan for it carefully. First, take the time to identify the person or groups who need such help. Secondly, what can you do specifically to meet their needs? Taking the time to match your service act to the right group or person creates a better impact. And even though there isn’t a financial reward for such acts, the satisfaction and fulfillment will greatly improve your mental health. 

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