5 Ideas To Document Your Travels

Traveling to new countries allows us to experience beautiful cultures, make amazing memories, and push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. When you’re going on an exciting trip you’ll need some way to document your experiences. Here are five options to document your journey.

Document your travels

1 . Classic photography

One of the most popular ways to document a traveling trip is using photography. When you experience the trip of a lifetime you’ll want plenty of beautiful photographs to keep as memories. If you’re an Instagram fan you might like to document your trip here? Perhaps you’d prefer to print out your photos and make a photo collage? It’s amazing what beautiful pictures you can take these days just using a standard iPhone.

If you’ve got excellent photography skills you might even like to sell some of your photographs to stock photo sites. You can sell plenty of different travel photos, whether it’s the ocean, city snaps. Landscapes, sunrise, sunset, and celestial views are really popular. Perhaps you want to sell feet pics from the beach? You’d be amazed at the different types of stock photos you can sell!

2. Video journal

Perhaps you prefer documenting your experiences via video? There’s something really magical about capturing moments live, with all the candid details. Making a video journal of all traveling experiences can be lots of fun. It’s the perfect way to create a special keepsake from your adventures. If you like the idea of video blogging you might even like to upload a few of your best videos to YouTube.

3. Written journal

Keeping things old school, writing in a pen and paper journal is a lovely way to record your travels. You can write about what you did each day, your thoughts and reflections, and all of the best memories. Journaling isn’t just a great practice to store memories, it’s also a great way to boost your mental health. If you’re worried about losing your journal, you might prefer to use a digital platform. Apps like Reflectly and Journey are great options.

4. Travel blog

A journal is an amazing place to write down your private thoughts and experiences, if you’re ready to share those experiences with the world you might instead consider writing a travel blog. It’s simple enough to set up a blog using platforms like WordPress or Wix. Platforms like Grammarly can be helpful to proofread your posts before they go online.

5. Drawings & artwork

If you’re the creative type you might enjoy producing drawings and artwork inspired by your trip. You might sketch the beach, beautiful monuments, or quirky street art? Making pieces of art is an amazing way to express yourself, and preserve the memories of your trip.

Any one of these five ideas is a great way to document your trip and ensure that you remember it forever. If you’re traveling with kids you might encourage them to snap their own pictures, or write their own journal entries? If you’re heading off on a longer trip, it’s worth looking at tips for traveling the world, before you set off.

In my opinion, you don’t have to pick one of these ways to be creative, why not choose all five? Especially if you are traveling in a group a different set of eyes will have a different viewpoint of what was memorable. That way you won’t miss a thing. What methods do you use when you travel? Let me know in the comments below.

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