5 Refreshing Ideas To Have Chicken For Dinner

It’s no wonder chicken is one of the most commonly used meats in the kitchen. It is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes, hot or cold. 

More importantly, unlike other types of meat, chicken is often been labeled a healthy food for good reasons. It is high in protein, low in fat, and the perfect companion for weight-conscious households. Besides, when you are planning your next grocery store trip, chicken presents a significant advantage: It is considerably cheaper than many other types of meat, making it a safe choice for the wallet.

So, if you happen to have some chicken in the fridge, you need some exciting ideas to wow your family. 

Delicious Italian comfort food: Chicken parmesan

have chicken for dinner

What is chicken parmesan? In essence, it is a fantastic and easy dish that combines the juiciness of the chicken with a crispy parmesan breadcrumb coating, a rich tomato sauce, and oozing mozzarella cheese. It is always a winner at the end of a long and cold day as it’s a wake-up call for your taste buds. For a quick meal, you can serve your chicken with spaghetti, as the pasta will gain flavor from the marinara sauce. 

Quick and easy Taco Tuesday

Or taco any day! Who says you should only enjoy the yummy Mexican dish only on Tuesdays? Tacos are a favorite in American cuisine, so it makes sense to always keep ingredients in the fridge for a quick meal. Shredded chicken in spicy tomato sauce makes an excellent taco filling, and it’s easy to make. If you prefer a more refreshing taste, you can try varying the marinate on your chicken. A zingy lime and ginger marinade could make a big change!

Soothing chicken noodle soup

have chicken for dinner

Chicken broth is a go-to recipe when you are feeling under the weather. It’s because the high protein content of the meat is a source of energy, while the vegetables inside the broth can bring a lot of vitamins. To make this feel-good recipe complete, you need a source of carbohydrates: the noodle! Chicken noodle soup is a satisfying, comforting, and soothing recipe all around the world. For extra flavor, use a slow cooker to simmer the chicken to perfection for the broth. Or add some Asian flavor with lemongrass, cilantro, ginger, or curry.

Sweet and sticky KFC

Korean Fried Chicken in South Korea is a popular snack, which locals can order for a lazy night in. Fried chicken is typically served with beer, but you can enjoy it with alcohol-free options for a family-friendly meal too! The recipe comes with a delicious coating, which is a little bit spicy (using Korean chili paste gochujang), but you can adjust the spiciness with sugar and honey. Serve with a fresh salad, and you’ve got an easy Friday night meal. 

A chicken inspired Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a rice dish cooked in tomato sauce. The pairing of juicy chicken with spicy chorizo sausages will give the jambalaya a unique flavor. For picky eaters, it’s the perfect dish to sneak finely cut vegetables. Warm, rich, and hearty, the jambalaya feels heaven-sent for cold winter days! 

Are you ready to inject some life into your chicken? There are so many recipes you can pick from; it was hard to select only a few. But hopefully, the selection can give you new and fresh ideas to wow your family around the dinner table. 

What do you think? I would like to know.

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