5 Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Space

Downsizing isn’t just for retired folk anymore, it’s actually becoming much more of a trend. Many families and individuals are realizing they really don’t need as much space, and downsizing can be a great money saver. Rent and mortgages are not only cheaper, but you’ll also save on utilities and be able to run a more efficient home. McMansions are so 80’s anyway. The challenge is the big declutter before the move. Here are five tips for downsizing to a smaller space. 

downsizing to a smaller space

Declutter your life

You will need to do a major decluttering and probably find a new home for a lot of your stuff, even if this sadly happens to be in the garbage. The best thing to do is to organize everything into categories, keep, toss, and donate. Try to be cut-throat, get rid of any duplicates and items you haven’t used in a long time. Your second-hand items could be very useful to someone in need instead. You can find your local goodwill online for a place to donate.

Think twice about storage units

If you do want to store items that don’t fit in your new living quarters you could consider renting a storage unit. This could end up being a slippery slope, though, and there are pros and cons of self-storage units. Think about it carefully as it could end being a place to dump things you might never use. On the other hand, they are great for storing things like sports and outdoor equipment you will need on vacation. Decide whether or not it’s worth spending the money depending on what you’re going to use it for.

Take measurements

Before moving any furniture you need to take measurements and draw up a floor plan. This will allow you to make the most of the space and ensure everything fits. You could consider a murphy bed or roll away items you can easily put out the way if you have a housewarming party. Be creative with space ahead of time and plan the layout carefully.

Organize your move ahead of time

Contact your movers way in advance to book an appointment and let them know if you have any special requirements. Need to ship something heavy? Tell your movers all the details and they will take care of it so you can relax. The more proactive you are the better. Contact your utilities and WiFi provider and get these set up before your moving day if possible, or make arrangements for as soon as you move in. This will make your life a lot easier.

Focus on the positives

If you’re worried about downsizing remember there are many reasons small spaces are the best. They’re easier to clean and maintain and you’ll realize a more minimal way of life is much less stressful. It also encourages you not to hoard and fill your home with unnecessary items. You can live a clean, cheaper, healthier life in a small space. It’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start this year. And the less money you spend on rent, the more money you have for things like travel or retirement spending.

Have you ever had to downsize? Was it a pleasant experience? Why was it something that you felt you needed to do? Tell me all about it in the comments below. I would love your feedback. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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