5 Ways to Get Customers To Trust Your Business

customer trust

As you spend years trying to build your brand, you may encounter a range of challenges. Arguably, the most significant challenge involves getting your customers to trust you and your business. You may have the most impressive product or service in your industry, but that doesn’t mean anything if your customers don’t believe in you. If you feel like your business is not reaching its potential because you lack the trust of your customers, here are five ways to make positive changes.

Show Them What You Can Do

Although you may get some benefit of the doubt, you can’t ride this wave forever. Eventually, your customers will need to see what you can do for them. Before working with clients, you can use your website portfolio to show off your skills. This should be an example of the very best work you have done while also displaying projects or products you have worked on.

Alleviate Their Fears (Before They Know About Them)

Once you have built a decent range of customers, you can also show them that you are several steps ahead of their fears, and these could even be fears they didn’t know they had. There are various issues your customers could worry about, such as payment security or personal information, while sensitive company data could also be at risk. Alleviate these fears by explaining (and showing) the difference between ACH vs EFT transactions before you take payments. You can also offer to sign NDAs for sensitive information and put their minds at ease.

Practice What You Preach 

It’s easy to say you are committed to the environment or other charitable causes. However, it takes something different to genuinely practice what you preach. If you can show your customers and clients that you aren’t just all talk, you will prove that you’re worth working with early on. They will know they can trust you to back up any claims or promises, which puts you in a stronger position.

Prove Your Commitment to Improvement

No business is perfect, so you should also be ready and willing to improve in areas you may not be as strong in. There’s an art to translating customer feedback into action, and it shows your customers you respect their opinions and willingly listen to them. If they see improvements they have suggested, they will be very happy to continue using your products or services. This enables you to maintain a strong professional relationship for many years. 

Solve Their Problems

Every customer will come to you with problems of varying urgencies. However, rather than dismiss these problems as overreactions, you should treat each problem equally and strive to solve their problems as efficiently as possible. Even the silliest problems should be simple enough to overcome, so do it with a smile and remind your customers you are always there if they need help.


Customer trust is the foundation of any successful brand. As long as you can prove that you are the best at what you do and go above and beyond for any issue, you will build a strong relationship that makes the brand/customer relationship much easier to maintain, ensuring your business thrives. 

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