6 Reasons You Need To Travel To France

There are very few places in the world that are an absolute must-see. You’ve got the Seven Wonders of the World, Disneyworld, and skiing through any mountain range with a lot of snow that are absolute musts. However, there are also places that people will suggest you visit that will be met with a shrug because you’re really not that bothered. If there is one place on this planet that you MUST put on your bucket list, it’s France.

Streets in France

Did you know that France has been named one of the most popular tourist destinations in the past? Almost 85 million people come through France every year, and there are more than enough reasons to visit. It doesn’t matter whether you snap up an Airbnb or aim to stay at a hotel, France and all that it has to offer has to be a priority on your list. Here are six reasons why:


This may seem like a weird one to start with, but hear me out. Cheese is life, for those who can consume it, right? And a homage to fromage is necessary when you consider what you get in France. Camembert. Brie. Comte. The French KNOW their cheeses the way they know their:


You can’t nibble on cheese and crackers without an accompaniment of French wine or so they say. I don’t drink but, France is famed for its vineyards and from Champagne to Chardonnay, there is enough to go around when it comes to tasting some fantastic beverages. When you’re spending your day sightseeing in Paris, you stop at an elegant restaurant for delectable French food. Wine accompanies the meal perfectly.


Off the subject of food and wine, France is also well-known for the shoop-shoop of the slopes. A middle-class pursuit for sure, skiing has been absolutely perfected by the French. The range of slopes is vast, with everything from nursery slopes to huge Red and Black numbers that you can enjoy. Hitting the slopes at Chamonix is a must.


Equally, France does beaches so well they rival the hulking snowy mountains to slide on. The seau et pelle you bring to the sandy seafront will be the perfect accompaniment, and there really is a beach for everyone in France.


You only need to visit Paris to get a small taste of the level of history and intricate architecture that France proudly displays. When you book your holiday here, you get to step back in time to the French Revolution and see buildings that are just dripping in history.


You came to France seeking an adventure, and one piece of that comes in love. Falling in love with France is easy, with over 100 people a year getting married in the Eiffel Tower itself. Fall in love with the food, the scenery, the people. Fall in love with the very ground itself for being so sophisticated!

France? It’s just one big adventure from the moment you step off the plane. Plan your journey and accommodation in advance, and you’ll find France life comfortable living. Have you ever been? What were your highlights of the trip? Tell me in the comments below. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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3 thoughts on “6 Reasons You Need To Travel To France

  1. France is a glorious place to visit – it is a vast country though & each region is special. I like the sandy beaches of Le Touquet on the north coast; the dunes of Arcachon in the west; the Pyrenees; the historic city of Carcassonne; the wild horses of the Camargue; the picturesque Port Grimaud; the sophistication of the Cote D’Azur; the inland gems of Limoges, Villeneuve sur Lot, Sauliac sur Cele, Rocamadour, Aix les Bains; Evian on Lake Geneva; the towns of Alsace that border Germany – Obernai, Colmar, Strasbourg; Paris’s other theme park – Parc Asterix; Paris itself …. I’ve visited France near enough every year since 1977, a different place each time, but then again I do live in SE England so isn’t far to travel by car, train or plane 😊

  2. Love this post! I think my top three things that you mentioned in France were the wine (Bordeaux region, specifically), the architecture, and the cheese. I want to get back to see the beaches some day.

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