7 Life Skills Everyone Should Have

In the race to become more professionally qualified, many people forget about the simple life skills that make life feel complete. These are often the little or essential things you need to be a productive member of society but are regularly forgotten. 

The definition of life skills is quite broad. Nobody quite knows exactly how to define them. But we know a life skill when we see one. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Basic Sewing

life skills you should know : basic sewing

When was the last time you took a sewing course? Probably never. But sewing is one of those skills that come in handy all the time, mainly if you run a busy family or you’re constantly having to repair things.

Think about how much money sewing saves. Instead of throwing out a ripped jacket and buying a new one, you can just repair it and save money for something you actually want.


These days, too few people know how to cook, and that’s a real problem. Cooking is another essential life skill that really makes a difference in your quality of life. If you know how to cook, you’re more likely to be a healthy, happy person.

Cooking at home from scratch also makes you more sociable. You’re much more likely to have people over for dinner. 

Home Repairs

life skills you should know; home repairs

You can go on handyman.com and look at posts describing how to do home repairs when problems arise. But there’s nothing quite like having the skills instinctively and just being able to act when things go wrong. 

Being able to replace siding or fix a broken lock really does improve your bottom line over time. You save massively in call-out fees and repair work.

First Aid

Not enough people know first aid, and it risks lives. But as sites like https://cprcertificationnow.com/products/cpr-aed-first-aid-certification-online point out, getting certified is surprisingly easy. And once you get training, you’re able to react to emergency situations, providing medical care until professional paramedics arrive.

First-aid-trained people often save lives. That’s why getting trained is so important.

Basic Plumbing

Nobody is expecting the average homeowner to know how to fit a new boiler, but being able to unclog a sink or toilet is a good idea. These can get clogged regularly, so being able to react can save you thousands of dollars over the long term. 

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to learn. Just hop on YouTube and look at precisely what you need to do. It’s a good idea to invest in a plumber’s rod, a special tool that helps push blockages down and out of the way.


life skills you should know; scheduling

Another critical life skill is scheduling, or the ability to organize your timetable how you would like. While time management might sound simple, relatively few people actually make a success of it. 


Lastly, there will be times in your life when you need to research things. In these situations, having research skills can be extremely helpful. The more you can learn independently, the more you will succeed in areas like personal finance, health, and business. 

What do you think? I would like to know.

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