7 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Kidneys

Few people consider kidneys their health unless they find something wrong. Yet the kidneys are such an important organ in our bodies. Indeed it is the kidneys that filter our blood, remove waste and excess fluid, and help us to maintain a healthy balance of salt, minerals, and water. In short, having healthy kidneys is crucial to overall well-being. The good news is you can find out all about how to keep your kidneys healthy in the post below. 

Move your body more

First of all, if you want to take care of your kidneys, making sure you move your body every day is critical. This is because regular exercise means lower blood pressure and cholesterol which can help support kidney function.

The good news is you don’t have to start doing ultra-marathons or living at the gym. Instead, you can boost the amount of exercise you do every day with an extra walk or bike ride. 

Limit your salt intake

One of the best ways that you can keep your kidneys healthy is to reduce your salt intake. This is because a diet high in salt will make it harder for your kidneys to function effectively. In turn, this leads to them being able to remove a lot less excess water which causes higher blood pressure.

To that end, keeping your sodium intake low is a good idea. Skip the salt on your meals, at least until you have tried them, and try cooking without salt too. Additionally, opting for low sodium products can be a good way to limit your overall intake.

Reduce your alcohol intake

If you enjoy a glass of wine with every meal, or a beer as soon as you get in from work, you may be doing your kidneys a disservice. Unfortunately, alcohol can present a problem to your kidneys in several ways. The first is that by drinking alcohol you can dehydrate the body, this can create an issue in the kidneys because they need plenty of liquid to get rid of the toxins they filter.

Additionally, alcohol messes with your kidneys’ capacity to manage the electrolytes in your body and makes it hard for them to function. To that end, giving up alcohol totally may be the best approach. Although, if you do choose to still drink, limiting it to small amounts on special occasions is the best approach. 

Don’t ignore the signs of a problem 

Another way that you can take better care of your kidneys is to educate yourself on the symptoms of serious kidney issues, such as chronic kidney disease and renal cell carcinoma, and get help when needed. 

For example, the symptoms of chronic kidney disease include edema, itchy skin, an increased need to urinate, and shortness of breath among others. However, the symptoms of Renal Cell Carcinoma can include blood in your urine, anemia, feeling lethargic, losing weight for no reason, loss of appetite, and a lump on the back, side or stomach. 

Of course, if you notice any of these symptoms, finding a medical professional like an expert Renal Cell Carcinoma doctor is also crucial. Indeed, by working with a specialist you can ensure you get the very best treatment, and so secure the best prognosis possible. 

Drink more water

I know that articles about health always say to drink more water, but there is a really good reason for this. It’s that drinking more water is a fast and easy way you can improve your health, especially when it comes to your kidneys.

This is because your kidneys need adequate liquid to flush out the toxins they remove. However, sugary or caffeinated liquids make your kidney work harder, so if you don’t want to put too much starch on them, drinking 8 glasses of water a day is best.

Limit your sugar consumption

There is a proven link between those suffering from diabetes and kidney disease, and to reduce these risks it’s best to get ahead of things and minimize your chance of contracting the former. To do this you will need to follow a healthy balanced diet, exercise regularly, and reduce your intake of sugar from cakes, drinks, and candy.

Eat healthily 

Last of all, if you want to do your kidneys a favor then sticking to a healthy and varied diet is vital. For kidney health, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit are required. In particular leafy greens like kale and spinach are great for the kidney because they contain lots of vitamin C and A which support kidney function. 

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