8 Great Inexpensive Accommodations In The Heart Of NYC

Inexpensive accommodations in NYC

There are many reasons why New York City is considered one of the most important cultural hubs in the world. Statistics state that roughly 2.6 million people travel in and out of the city each weekend, meaning the City That Never Sleeps has a reason for its insomnia. With so many people in the metropolis, finding a hotel room can be tricky. Since NYC is also known for how expensive it can be, the idea of locating a cheap room might seem unrealistic.

Inexpensive Accommodations Still Exist In NYC

Luckily, there are some fantastic options out there for you to consider. Check out this list and discover some inexpensive accommodations NYC has to offer. 

1. Central Park North

Traveling in the city can be a chaotic experience. For this reason, many people prefer to stay in rooms that are somewhat removed from the action. Central Park North is situated in the heart of the city, but near Central Park, so the bustle of the streets is less intense. Experience views of the park and close proximity to popular attractions at this spot.

2. Westgate

Westgate Hotel in NYC, inexpensive accommodations

The Westgate NYC Hotel has a lot going for it. Conveniently located near Grand Central Station, the suites in this hotel offer some of the most dynamic views New York has to offer. With affordable rooms and friendly staff, it is easy to see why this inexpensive hotel is one of the more popular locations for travelers. Westgate is only a few blocks away from phenomenal restaurants, engaging entertainment, and many subway stops. You can learn more about their amenities and suites by visiting the official website.

3. Hotel Pennsylvania

Many people are familiar with the Hotel Pennsylvania. It is located right across from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, so countless people gaze upon it when entering the city for one reason or another. The hotel has been open for a long time and offers a classic Manhattan experience without the hefty price tags. 

4. Manhattan Broadway Hotel

Considered a budget-friendly hotel, the Manhattan-Broadway Hotel is a very simple room for people who don’t expect to linger inside for long. The rooms are somewhat small and amenities are slim, but the price is great for those who simply need a place to crash after long days of adventuring through NYC.

5. Hotel 17

Another simple option, Hotel 17 is a hotel with a warm, home-like feel. There are many different options to consider for your stay. Specifically, the rooms offer either private or shared bathrooms. While private bathrooms cost more, the options are still more affordable than a number of hotels in the area. For some people, opting for a shared bathroom provides the chance to save a bit of money on accommodations and experience more of what the Big Apple has to offer.

6. Royal Park

New York City is large. While you might want to be in the heart of the city, it can also be beneficial to explore options just on the outskirts. Royal Park in the Upper West Side is located in one of the quieter, cleaner parts of the city. Situated near Central Park, it is removed enough while still being only blocks away from the subway and other methods of transportation.

7. The Americana Inn

Simplicity is key when it comes to a solid hotel room. While you don’t want the room to feel sparse, having a space with a minimalist feel can bring about a modern sensibility. The Americana Inn is a budget-friendly option with unfussy rooms and a great location.

8. Belvedere Hotel

If a modern style isn’t your thing, the Belvedere Hotel boasts the opposite aesthetic. Capturing all the elegance and style of NYC in the 1920s, this is an inexpensive hotel option that has a lot to offer guests. The cozy rooms all feature kitchenettes, which can really make all the difference if you’re trying to save money by eating a few meals in. Though the look is classic, the amenities all reflect modern needs and the hotel features a gym, air conditioning, and more.

Experience Affordable New York City Hotels

Westgate Hotel NYC, Inexpensive accommodations

Though New York City can be an expensive place to live, a trip there doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a number of fantastic budget-friendly options waiting for you throughout the city. Look into the suggestions made here and get excited about taking a journey to one of the most thrilling cities on the planet. 

Do you have a favorite inexpensive hotel that you’ve visited in New York City? Pass on your tip or try out the hotels, that I have listed here. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. This is a gold mine! We plan to go to NYC in the next few years. This is very, VERY helpful. Thanks!

  2. When we go back I can’t stay with my Mom because her place is inaccessible, but we stay with family in Queens for the city. For Neil’s first NYC trip, we stayed in Brooklyn, at Nu Hotel. Not generally inexpensive, but we got a good deal!

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