A Spicy Rendezvous At Imli Restaurant

Imli Restaurant in NYC

This Winter, I haven’t gotten to as many restaurants as I would have normally and with that being said, I love when I find a gem that I have come upon because it was suggested by friends. I went on a recent blogging dinner with Mary from Mary in Manhattan and was one of the few she invited to the Upper West Side to try a new spot for Indian food, Imli restaurant.

The other attendees included Jess from Used York City, Mary Lane from New York Cliché , Kaitlin from Looped Blog, Allison from (F)east on Instagram , Julianne from It’s Five O’Clock Here and LeAura from Ever So Popular.

What Kind Of Food Does Imli Serve?

Imli serves urban Indian food. The restaurant space is cozy and the menu varied with classic and new versions of the tried and true. It’s a perfect spot for a date, group of friends or family meal. The owners describe Imli in this way:

Our hand-picked menu strives to enhance the classics while at the same time showcase regional favorites. From the mild flavors of the bustling Parsi and Iranian cafes of Old Bombay, to the fiery dishes of the southern coast, we hope our flavors will satisfy both the novice and enthusiast. Our goal is to enhance the subtle flavors that Indian cooking is famous for, from hints of cardamom, fennel and anise, while at the same time tantalizing your taste buds with the world-famous heat of chili and peppers.

I was not disappointed in the menu offerings or the size of the portions, fluffy naan or deliciously well-spiced meat and vegetables. We were given a good extensive mix of what was on the menu to taste. I have to admit that I was busy stuffing my face. So although Allison was prepared with her lighting, my pictures weren’t as awesome as the food was.

For our appetizers we were served:

APPS Imli Restaurant NYC Rendezvous En New York

 Kerala beef (not pictured)
Chicken chaat
Crispy okra
Shrimp kolivada
Beetroot croquets
Indian Shepard’s pie (not pictured)
MAIN COURSESImli Restaurant Rendezvous En New York
Chicken Tikka Masala
Lamb Rogan Josh (not pictured)
Aloo Gobi Muttar
House Chicken Curry
Yellow Dal
Dal Makhani
Lamb Chops
Tandoori Chicken (not pictured)
Basmati Rice (not pictured)
Naan: Plain, Garlic, Mushroom (not pictured)
Tandoori Roti – server noted that this dish is vegan
DESSERTImli Restaurant Rendezvous En New YorkImli Restaurant Rendezvous En New York
Ice Cream Bomb
Rice Pudding
What dishes that weren’t pictured were on the other side of the table and done by the time, they were passed down to me. It was a long table…Believe me, it was delicious anyway, they just weren’t blog picture worthy.

What Did I think Of Imli?

The meal was five-star! It was good enough that I brought a doggy bag all the way back to Queens and ate it for lunch the next day. And you know what …? It was just as good the next day heated up! So there for you pretentious foodie snobs, lol.

I think with the extensive wine and cocktail list that this restaurant would be a great place to visit over and over. If you are inclined to a drink or two there is a large wine list that includes specialty cocktails and there are lots of options on the menu for vegetarian and a couple of for vegans which means everyone can dine together without a problem. I think that they thought of everything at Imli and it shows. A great rendezvous was had!!

Have you ever been to Imli? Do you enjoy Indian food? Are you a traditionalist or do you like updated classics? Let’s discuss!Imli Restaurant in NYC , Rendezvous En New York

Until our next rendezvous…






32 thoughts on “A Spicy Rendezvous At Imli Restaurant

    1. Wow! That is such a huge compliment, I appreciate that you visit with all the choice out there.Tell your godson I said hello!!

  1. I liked the Indian food I had in the past. I went with a friend or with my daughter, and now I’m far away. One of these days I’ll find another friend to eat with me. Oh, there is my son who does live in this area. He is not free to eat out when I am, but maybe some day husband will be away and son available. I enjoyed reading about your fabulous meal.

  2. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t think I’ve ever tried Indian food. I’m a Swedish girl born in the Upper Midwest, so I was raised on what many would consider bland food. 🙂 Lots of meat and potatoes for this girl. Rice pudding has been served at Christmas time every year since I was born (we always have a traditional Swedish meal on Christmas), so I was very surprised to see this in your post. All the food here looks absolutely delicious. I may have to live on the wild side and go out for some Indian food. Great post!

    1. You should and start with the mildest thing on the menu, which would probably be a rice dish like Biryani but don’t miss out on the naan bread!!

        1. Also, if you have a Trader Joe’s near you, I know that they sell naan bread and frozen Indian meals, not as good as a restaurant but close. . You could that at home with no pressure.

          1. Ha! True – we have a Trader Joe’s just minutes from us. I’ll definitely check it out. My husband loves adventurous food – I’m sure he’d be more than happy. Thanks for the tip!

  3. That all looks so delicious! So, you didn’t get to try the dishes not pictured?? I’d be interested to know what Indian shepherd’s pie consists of! I bet it’s delish!

    1. Sadly, I didn’t get to try the shepherd’s pie, it was done before it got to me because it was a sample sized for one person.

  4. I’m off to New York this summer and I am scouting out all recommendations – this food looks absolutely delicious!! Naan bread is my all-time favourite thing ever and the desserts look right up my street! Great post!

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