A Secluded Rendezvous In Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui villas

As we are getting out Winter’s grasp into Spring in New York, I am thinking about planning more travel. I didn’t do any this Winter and have been lusting after going somewhere that is lesser known where I could unwind.

I have written about my fascination with Asia previously and would love to make a group trip there. I’ve watched the movie Girl’s Trip and would love to do something like that minus the liquor and the drama. Every so often because I live in a big city, I find the need to unplug when on vacation. Pictures and video are fine but I want to talk as little as possible and relax as much as possible. So in my searching, I found the perfect place to do just that on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand.

What Is There To Do In Koh Samui?

Koh Samui Villa

Koh Samui is a beach island and the pace is much slower than bigger cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. So keeping that in mind, you’ll plan for a vacation with a slower pace and for rejuvenation. That’s why I suggested a girl’s trip. Getting back into your friendship bonds while watching the sunsets with a mocktail in your hand is a great start. And why not add a massage and a dip in the ocean on top of that.

Where Do You Stay On Koh Samui?

I wouldn’t want to stay at a proper hotel if I am traveling with my friends. My dream would be to stay in a private rental villa, like the Samui Villas with a pool, multiple bedrooms, personal concierge, and possibly an eat-in kitchen. The more the merrier to get a great deal on a luxury experience with your favorite girls. Can’t you just imagine it?

Koh Samui Villa

Kayaking, swimming, eating at local restaurants, tours of the nearby villages all sound like my kind of getaway. If you do get tired of the quiet, you can plan with your concierge on trips into the busy cities during the day. A little bit of both extremes sounds like the perfect recipe for a great girl’s trip.

Have you ever planned a private villa getaway with your friends? Doesn’t Koh Samui sound idyllic for some really peaceful downtime? If you’ve planned a trip like this before, I’d like to hear about it in the comments below.

girl's trip in Koh Samui Thailand
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8 thoughts on “A Secluded Rendezvous In Koh Samui, Thailand

  1. I love a good beach vacation where there is nothing to do but relax in the sand. With my girlfriends, however, we used to do very active hut hiking or cross country skiing vacations. Usually just a long weekend. We would laugh the entire weekend away while getting in something active.

  2. While I haven’t done things like this with a group of friends, I’ve done variations on this theme when traveling with extended family – most recently when we were in Hawaii last winter and the 8 of us were in a condominium with several bedrooms/baths plus full kitchen. When you’re traveling with a group, this is definitely the only way to go!

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