A Trip to Take 31

Green Tea Ice Cream with Adzuki Beans, Crispy Rice and Honey

Friday was a beautiful day in NYC, well not really because of the weather which was mostly cloudy, but because my niece Ariella asked me to go shopping with her. And she was taking me out to dinner in return. She also has a fashion blog, Champagne and a Dream, so she asked if I would take blog pictures for her next outfit post.

We had to walk from various shops to get errands done. After we finished running errands we were seriously hungry. And the restaurant choice was left to me. I picked Take 31, it’s a small storefront that you would miss if you walked too fast. Because it was Friday and after rush hour, we had to wait half an hour for a table. The restaurant was very modern and had friendly staff.

I’ve had Korean food before and it’s a favorite of mine, and not just ramyun, although I love that too! The menu was extensive and had lots of meals made for sharing, as well as Asian fusion.

I ordered seafood scallion pancake and Ariella ordered with her eyes and got an order of Spam and Eggs served with kimchi and sriracha, as well as Cod Eggs Seafood Udon with Cream Sauce. As an appetizer, we were served dukboki (spicy rice dumplings) before the entrees arrived.

Dinner at Take 31
Dinner at Take 31


Dinner at Take 31
Dinner at Take 31

Everything was so good and Ariella has already made plans to come back next week. Last but not least I ordered dessert, I always crave something sweet after a delicious spicy meal, it was green tea ice cream with adzuki beans, crispy rice cakes and drizzled honey. I’m still craving this dessert! The presentation was pretty too.

Green Tea Ice Cream with Adzuki Beans, Crispy Rice and Honey
Green Tea Ice Cream with Adzuki Beans, Crispy Rice and Honey at Take 31

Have you tried Korean food? What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve eaten lately? Let me know in the comments!

Until our next rendezvous…



11 thoughts on “A Trip to Take 31

    1. That’s one of the best things to do here besides walking till your legs fall off finding more and more of everything. Ha ha! What part of the world are you in?

    1. Thank you. It really was, not too sugary sweet, just right. The servings were supposed to be shared but we didn’t realize that was for everything. It was delicious though. I hope you get to visit the East coast soon, I think Fall and Spring are the best!

  1. I haven’t tried Korean food, but I love everything Oriental, especially Japanese, so I’m sure I’d love food from Korea. That was a huge serving of various things to feed two people. I hope you were hungry.

    1. Yes I was, we both hadn’t eaten all day and that was at 8pm. We didn’t realize the serving size and that made it really inexpensive if we had known how big the portions were. I finished my plate anyway, most of the food wasn’t mine, but it was fun trying.

  2. Oooh that pancake and the dessert both look sooo tasty!

    I love Korean food. The most adventurous thing I tried with Korean food was chicken sashimi in Japan. It tasted really good…but I probably wouldn’t have eaten it if I knew what it was before I ate it!

    1. Hahaha! I definitely would’ve passed on that. I haven’t eaten a lot of Korean food but I gave liked what I’ve tasted so far. And I love Japanese food as well.

  3. Korean food not on my favorite list, but Sushi and Japanese food is a good choice, especially where I am, as every second restaurant is Japanese, so if you do not like it, you have a problem when you want to dine out.

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