Advantages of Getting Your Groceries Online

I have heard from many people who used to live in New York City or who live here currently that New Yorkers don’t cook. Of course,  this isn’t true. I love to cook but don’t always like traveling to shop all over town and lugging groceries home. Who can relate? So some have turned to shop for groceries online.

Online grocery shopping is a trend that is quickly gaining popularity with some well-established brands offering the service. While it is a relatively new trend, with its own fair share of pros and cons, getting your groceries online has proven very beneficial to some shoppers and it’s understandable why. 

Let’s find out how.

  1.    Shopping from home

This is maybe the biggest perk of buying your groceries online. You avoid making trips to the supermarket which means not having to deal with traffic and public transportation. For example, if you stay in Brooklyn and need to go to the supermarket you will be spending a lot of time navigating traffic, but with Brooklyn grocery delivery you get everything at home and this saves you time and money you would have otherwise spent on gas or train rides.

Also, mothers with young kids will definitely welcome the idea of shopping for groceries from home as dragging the toddlers along to buy food is not the best experience. You can set the time for delivery meaning that the grocery will be brought to your home at the most convenient time.

  1.    Less time walking through the aisles

Shopping can be a frustrating experience especially when you are already at the cashiers and you realize that you forgot to pick some eggs, milk and the other ingredients for that last minute batch of cookies. You will then have to walk all the way to the refrigerated aisle wasting valuable time. Then you might get back at the cashiers and realize that you forgot to pick the milk and you would have to repeat the whole process.

When shopping online, you can easily pick all the items that you need from the comfort of your sofa.

  1.    Taking advantage of great deals

Online grocery stores often have everything that is on sale on their website. What’s more, some stores allow their customers to add filters and pick only what is on special for that week. You can also use manufacturer coupons and double them. Customers can take advantage of the great deals and a pleasant shopping experience which most likely means that they will likely come back for more.

  1.    History shopping

Online shopping makes it simple to buy essential items. The store’s website will keep your previous shopping data and recommend these when you want to make another purchase. and they can be put on scheduled purchase to repeat monthly or more. This can be a convenient way to shop especially with items that are a regular need.

  1.    You can shop within your budget

When purchasing groceries the traditional way, it is common to go over budget as you are just picking items based on impulse and an empty stomach (Pro Tip: don’t shop on an empty stomach). Impulse buying affects all of us at some point. What’s more, if you are taking your kids with you, they could add a few of their favorite items which only ups your spending. This is not so with online shopping. The shopping cart displays the new price every time you add an item. In case you add an item which makes the price go over budget, you can very easily remove it from your shopping cart and keep on budget.

  1.    The best solution for a busy bee

When you are working odd hours and can’t find the time to go shopping, buying groceries online can be a quick way to solve the problem. Your groceries will be delivered to your premises or to the agreed pick up place making everything easy and free and open to really busy schedules.

Have you ever shopped for groceries online? There are so many companies that offer this service in New York City. Do you find it simpler for your busy life? Tell me about it in the comments below.

shopping for groceries online

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7 thoughts on “Advantages of Getting Your Groceries Online

  1. I do my main weekly shop online and have done for around 15 years (I am in the UK) – I do it for all the reasons listed – although I work as a retail merchandiser and am in supermarkets every day! I do buy odds and ends on a daily basis too!

  2. I do my main weekly shop online and have done for around 15 years (I am in the UK) – I do it for all the reasons listed – although I work as a retail merchandiser and am in supermarkets every day! I do buy odds and ends on a daily basis too!

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