An NYC Ferry Rendezvous

NYC Ferry, Rendezvous En New York

NYC Ferry, Rendezvous En New York

In New York, there are lots of options to get around. Of course, there are taxis, buses, subway lines, bicycles, and ferries. Yes ferries, they aren’t the most popular, but they are one of the most scenic ways to get around. And this month, the city of New York added another ferry service called NYC Ferry.

NYC Ferry isn’t the most famous ferry or the cheapest but it is the newest. It is serving the South Shore of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Governor’s Island during the season. And will be adding more routes for the Bronx and Astoria later this year.



What’s So Great About NYC Ferry?

NYC Ferry, Rendezvous En New York
Rockaway Park Landing, NYC

The routes where the ferry is serving weren’t serviced before and you are able to take a leisurely ride on a boat that offers free WiFi, an onboard café, and temperature control. There is no pushing or crowding like on a subway train. The ferries cost the same as a ride to Manhattan and now I can move to avoid anyone I like to watch the city go by with beautiful views from a vantage I rarely get. NYC ferry allows you to change your monotonous routine of counting the stops until you get to work. On some routes, there is also a free shuttle bus to get you to the ferry.


How Was The Ride on NYC Ferry?

NYC Ferry, Rendezvous En New York
Getting our tickets and checking the arrival time

The ride was on time and when I decided to take it on a weekday off-peak. when everyone was already at work. On the landing is where you get your tickets or you will be able to get them from the special app for this ferry, available for Apple and Android. Like I mentioned before the ride is $2.75 each way. An attendant takes your ticket as you board. I sat down the cabin was very spacious and clean but I wanted to see outside. The majority of the pictures were taken from the back of the boat (the stern right?). The weather wasn’t cooperating until we left the landing so the shots got better. I have to admit that I thought that I might get seasick on a boat this small, but thankfully I was good. Passing landmarks on the water made them so much bigger and more impressive. The ride itself was pretty smooth and takes about an hour, which is about the same as the train and benefits you the most if you work in the Financial District. There are now only two stops on this route, one at Sunset Park in Brooklyn and the last stop is at Pier 11 at the corner of Wall Street. But if you are coming towards Rockaway it makes getting off work early worth it to get to the beach.

NYC Ferry, Rendezvous En New YorkUnless you are in a helicopter or have a drone, you won’t see bridges from this vantage point. So even if you are just looking to take pictures or sightseeing, this is one of the best values you’ll get in New York City.

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Thoughts on NYC Ferry

Beautiful right? Just for the awe factor alone, I think that I will take the ferry more during the warmer months to fill up my memory card of scenic pictures of the water and make believe that I am in Venice, Italy for the ride. Do you have something similar in your town? Would you take a ride if you visit NYC? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

NYC Ferry, Rendezvous En New York
Until our next rendezvous…






46 thoughts on “An NYC Ferry Rendezvous

    1. And by summer’s end, there will be more routes added! Also, don’t forget the Staten Island Ferry for great views of the Statue of Liberty.

  1. I’ve taken the ferry countless times in Seattle- it’s tough for me because I’m terrified of fish/things that live in water. (I logically know that if I fall off of a ferry, touching a fish is the least of my worries…) however, this is pretty beautiful, and I’ve added it to my NYC to do list!!

    1. Thank you. If you are frightened you can stay inside the cabin, I just had to get the pictures even though I was nervous about losing my balance. But the trip was pretty smooth either way.

  2. Marvelous! Thank you for that special ride. We took the SI ferry a number of times just for the ride. If we lived in the city, we would certainly take this one.

  3. I so want to do this. Ironically, for the next few weeks (until my office moves) I work at Brooklyn Army Terminal, which is right by the pier for the Sunset Park Stop. And when they expand the service to Astoria later in the summer. that dock will be really close for me too. But I love being out on the water so for 2.75 I’m in!

  4. When I lived in Hawaii, my favorite commute was one where I biked to the ferry and left my car on the other side. A scenic commute definitely helps make going to work a better experience!

  5. I haven’t taken the N.Y. Ferry in many years, but I do remember it was a pleasant experience. I love the many options to explore areas of New York. You can never tired of New York.

  6. i loved this post! made me remember when i was younger in NYC and took that ferry, good times! i did got a little sea seek lol but totally worth it!!. it was the best experience i had. God i do miss NYC lol

    1. That’s because, I wasn’t in Manhattan during rush hour. I live in the outer boroughs, so no Photoshop needed most of the time .

    1. I’ve been on it a couple mire times since I wrote this post and it has become more popular than they intended. So there have been waits for boats for over an hour.

        1. It’s ok. I expected a few hiccups because they have tried to implement a ferry system before that wasn’t used and the service was discontinued. So now that they’ve had a million riders in four months, it should secure the service. And get more boats if necessary.

  7. By the way, target date for the Astoria extension is August 29th. I run by the landing at Hallett’s Cove, and they are literally working on the Roosevelt Island and new LIC landing (for this ferry only) right now. Only thing I was slightly disappointed in was that you apparently won’t be able to go from Astoria to Rockaway in one go, but will be Astoria-Pier 11 and Pier 11 to Rockaway.

    1. That’s the only issue that I have as well. You have to take multiple ferries. I took the one from Brooklyn Bridge Park to 34th street in Manhattan and it stopped at Long Island City, Gantry Plaza Park and the Hunts Point Queens, Park. I was disappointed that there were no transfers or connections. There is no way for me to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park or Long Island City otherwise, unless I take a long train ride. And as you mentioned, it would be great to get to the beach more easily.

      1. In typical NY fashion when you look at the map of all them it looks convoluted, probably because it was never envisioned as a seamless service. I’m hoping once they add all the new routes that they rethink the map. I read over the weekend how they totally underestimated how many people would want to go out to the Rockaways! I mean, 2.75 and I can get a beer or wine, or coffee and be on the water instead of a hot overcrowded subway? I guess I lucked out when I went that people hadn’t gotten wise to it yet!

        1. Yes me too! When I took it on the weekend, it was crowded from Brooklyn Bridge. Lovely ride though. I want them to streamline it for Summer, I don’t think the numbers will be big in the Winter.

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