Apple Picking At Fishkill Farms

Great day with friends at Fishkill Farms, NY

The Fall happens to be my favorite season. One of the many reasons is hot apple cider and cozy warm apple pie. With that in mind my friends and I were craving all things apple, so we decided to go apple picking on the weekend. It is apple picking season after all. We decided to travel upstate to Poughkeepsie by Metro-North Rail Road to nearby Fishkill Farms, an Eco-harvest organic orchard.
First of all the trip to Poughkeepsie was scenic with Fall colors and didn’t feel like the two hours that it took from Grand Central Station. It was really relaxing, even though I like sleeping late on Saturdays and the trains were really crowded, everyone wanted to be outdoors on this crisp Saturday.

After arriving at Poughkeepsie Station our friend Jheanel joined us and drove us to the orchard it was only a twenty minutes away. We mistakenly drove to the Orchard store and grill. It was packed! Lines were out the door and people were having a great time with music playing.

So we left the shop area and drove to the orchards, down a little-unpaved road.The charge was five dollars a car besides the bag for how much apples you want to pick. I got a medium bag for twenty dollars. I was going to make sure that bag was completely full, I had plans for those apples. We got a map of the orchard to let us know where and when the apples were ready to be picked. The air smelled so strong of the perfume of apples, it was stirring my stomach and making me hungry.We walked and walked and walked. The rows of trees were endless. It would’ve been a great space for hide and seek for me as a child. The trees were heavy with apples, so heavy in fact that apples were littering the grass.

Rows upon rows of trees at Fishkill Farms, NY
Rows upon rows of trees at Fishkill Farms, NY
Great day with friends at Fishkill Farms, NY
Great day with friends at Fishkill Farms, NY

I’m not sure if my feet were tired first or if my fingers were numb or my bag was full but we were done with picking. Look at my haul!

About twenty pounds of apples.. maybe?
About twenty pounds of apples.. maybe?

After making sure we couldn’t stuff the bags any further, we went on a hayride. Lots of children were already on and we decided why not since we’re just big kids anyway. And Robin, who was in charge of the hayride made it fun.


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Check,I got that crossed off my Fall bucket list, apple picking at Fishkill Farms! I had an amazing time with amazing people, got a break from the city, saw the spectacular colors on the mountains and winding roads and slept almost the whole way home on the Metro North. I want to do this again next year for sure!
Have you ever gone apple picking? Where did you go and what did you do with your haul once you got home? I’d love to hear all about your adventure in the comments below.
Until our next rendezvous…

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25 thoughts on “Apple Picking At Fishkill Farms

  1. I grew up in NY and my husband grew up in Putnam County, but we live now near Binghamton. We have several uPick orchards in our area. I am amazed the Fishkill orchard place has an admission charge, but I understand that is common downstate. Here, upstate, it is not a common thing.. I used to pick apples when my son was young, but now that he is grown and flown from the nest, I could never eat or process the apples I would pick – it’s so much fun, I always pick way too many. The big fun is sampling the various varieties you can’t get in stores.

  2. I loooooooove apple picking! so glad you made it out of the city for the perfect fall outing! I just threw out the last 6 apples from my trip a month ago. Kept meaning to make apple crisp but never did! Don’t make the same mistake! 🙂

    1. I finished mine really quickly actually, my mom and nephew ate quite a bit and I made applesauce, ha ha. There wasn’t much left after that. I did want to make handpies but got too lazy to make the dough.

  3. I loooooove apple picking!!! An Autumn as well!!! I am currently preparing a post about how much I am missing the Fall here in Nairobi. The truth is I love going to the farm to pick whatever the season offers…
    You picked so many apples, what did you you with them??? (My god Trudy you went apple picking with leather boots!!!!! You are definitely a new yorker 😉

    1. Ha ha! I didn’t know what to expect with apple picking so yes I wore my boots. I should have been wearing sneakers but it didn’t turn out too bad. Only one bag of apples were mine, the other was my friend’s haul. I shared them with family and made applesauce, they disappeared faster than I thought. The farm had other produce but I think you can only pick from the trees do that would be apples, pears and berries.

    1. The farm wasn’t muddy at all, there was so much lush thick grass that was still green. I think it was because of the fallen apples feeding it and we’ve been short on rain this year. Apple sauce is very simple to make, my nephew had a sore tooth and couldn’t eat anything hard so I made it for him. He loved it. I used a variation of this recipe and the next week I made pear sauce because he liked it so much.

      1. Thanks for the recipe! I am sure to try it very soon it does seem very simple. By the way, is that something you would have for Thanksgiving with meat?

        1. Not really people eat it for dessert or with pork chops here. I’ve seen it over vanilla ice cream as well. Cranberry sauce is popular for Thanksgiving.

    1. You can always do it here when you visit… The smell of apples is the best perfume, it made me extremely hungry and a lot of exercise walking up and down all the rows. Just don’t wear heeled boots like I did. Big mistake!

    1. Thank you! It is and kids love it because they get to play in the trees, run around in the fields, pick pumpkins, and go on hayrides. It’s definitely an all day thing.

    1. Yes I did and I was crazy tired afterwards because there was so much land to cover and so many varieties. I just wished we had gotten there earlier in the season.

  4. I keep meaning to go apple picking! I did try once, and found a friend who was willing to go with me, and we found a place to go… but then we got there and realized that summer isn’t apple season and we were at the tail end of berry season. Good berries, but not many of them.

    I am an excellent planner, but Nature and I are incompatible.

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