The Beach Holiday You Need To Forget Winter

Trancoso Bahia Rendezvous En New York

As the winter storm hit New York and paralyzed the city with up to 13 inches of snow, you may have been sitting at home with a warm cup of coffee and dreaming of warmer days, then we are in the same boat. The highways and local airports have become silent. In fact, even the streets are silent. The whirling snow has finally managed to discourage even the most enthusiastic snowman builders in town. In other words, winter sucks right now. We all love a bit of snow, but this is nothing like a typical snowstorm. Gov. Cuomo has declared a state of emergency for Long Island, NYC, and even Westchester County. So, while you stay safely at home, now is the best time to think of a well-deserved winter beach holiday – once the storm is a memory.

Trancoso Bahia Rendezvous En New YorkYou need to recharge your batteries

Even without the snowstorm, you would have needed some precious sunlight to fuel your body and, more importantly, your happiness. The winter depression, also called SAD syndrome, is a silent but hurtful enemy. If you feel you lack focus or you are constantly tired, this could be an indication that your body needs the fuel up to sunlight. We’re not talking here of going for a walk outside. You need a mega high dosage of sunlight, like in the middle of a summer day. You get the idea: You need a beach holiday in winter! So where’s the best place to go? And don’t forget to take me with you!

Pack your shorts and head to Bermuda

With the right preps, you can take a break in sunny Bermuda without breaking the bank. In other words, forget the last-minute getaway trip and plan your flight and hotel fares carefully. If you’re looking for budget-friendly accommodation, Airbnb rooms or homes can save you a lot of money without compromising on comfort. And you’ll love your morning swim in the ocean and your afternoon golf: Combining outdoor fun is the best way to come back tanned and refreshed.

A beach holiday in Thailand

If you’re looking for a kind of luxury that feels like a piece of heaven, take a look at resort hotels on some of the least populous Thailand’s beaches, such as the JW Marriott Khao Lak hotel in Phang Nga. In fact, Khao Lak is a traditional fishing village with a strong Thai personality. But it’s its remote location and its distinctive European feel that seduce over the tropical looks of Krabi beaches. Who doesn’t love a quiet beach holiday?

The hidden Brazilian gem

If you’re after a magical place that throws you back into the past, you need to head to the Bahia province that only rejoined Brazil in the 1970s. You’ll feel like one of the first hippies discovering Goa or Bali. There’s a naturally relaxed yet cultured atmosphere in Trancoso, a beach on the UNESCO-protected Bahia’s coast. Separated from the civilization by thick jungle on three sides and the ocean on the other, Trancoso has developed separately and at its own pace. The stress of modern life has never reached this hidden place. Sit on the beach and let your worries and cynicism melt away in the peaceful sun. And the smaller hotels are a steal so the trip won’t break the bank.

From a modern beach life to an isolated paradise, there’s a vast choice of sunny holidays to suit all travelers. When are you booking yours? And again don’t forget me!!! Are you in the midst of planning a beach holiday? Is there somewhere lesser know that I have forgotten to mention? I can’t want to travel chat with you in the comments, while I thaw out!

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beach holiday to forget winter, Rendezvous En New York

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20 thoughts on “The Beach Holiday You Need To Forget Winter

  1. Cape Verde off the coast of West Africa – fantastic beaches, year round temperatures hovering around the 80s F …. that’s where I would recommend escaping to! 😊.
    Bahia, Brazil is on my bucket list …

  2. A getaway sounds wonderful! We have a brief respite from below zero weather here with temps in the mid 30s, but alas the sub zero temps are only a few days away again – not fair 🙂

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