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Eight Photos Of Happiness

Mini Golf at Hudson River Park, NYC

I was recently tagged by Louise, a lovely UK lifestyle blogger of Birds and Lillies to the eight photos of happiness post. Her post was so touching and I thought…Read More

Coffee Date With Trudy

I’m trying out a new thing today called a virtual coffee date, it’s a type of post I learned about through my blogging courses. So let’s catch up on a…Read More

The Space Where I Write

Brooklyn Bridge at Night , NYc , Rendezvous En New York

The space where I write is full of life It’s got energy sparking off the pavement Did you see it just like static electricity from a wool sweater Bright lights,…Read More

Treasured Moments In NYC

September is here and that makes me extremely happy because it means that one of my favorite seasons isn’t too far away, Autumn, and in that season are most of my…Read More

Why Do I Write?

“Why do I write…? Hmm.”, I wish all the answers would come so easily to me as I sit in front of my laptop staring at the word count. There…Read More

Photo101 : Edge and Alignment

Edge and Alignment

Photo101 : Glass, Rounded

The Photo101 course ended this week and I’m playing catch up again, the subject was glass and how using it within a picture to make it more interesting.  Looking through…Read More

Photo101 : Something Treasured

The most treasured things are the things that you can’t hold and are fleeting. Until our next rendezvous.. Xoxo Trudy  

Photo101 : Landscape And Cropping


Why “Rendezvous En New York”?

Magnolia Blossoms at the Brroklyn Botanic Garden, NYC

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.” I knew I wanted to start something but I had no idea what, and to narrow it down was…Read More

Photo101: Architecture and Monochrome

Photo101 : How I Stay Connected

It’s not a big surprise to anyone that’s been to New York City before, but this is the “quickest”, least expensive, and most “reliable” way of transportation. Those quotes are…Read More

Photo101: Natural World and Leading lines

An upcoming post will be at this beautiful and distinctive park, The Highline, I love spending time here ! Have you ever visited the Highline? Do you know what makes…Read More

Photo101: Mystery and Lighting

Today’s subject in my Photo101 course was lighting and how to create interest and mystery with different lighting so I chose this image.This picture was in my post from last…Read More

Photo101: Big and Point of View

Photo101 : Solitude

My Bliss Is Cooking

I love to make people happy with food through cooking for them, and that’s one of the ways that I find bliss.

Water And Orientation

A Street By Any Other Name

A Picture of Home

Why Am I Here?? Blogging 101

Don’t misunderstand my question. It’s not the big, “Why am I here?”, Creator and creation-wise. It’s the version of the question, “Why I decided to create this blog and what…Read More

A Room With A View

My eyes are closed but it isn’t dark. My eyelids can’t shut out the sunlight. The smell of salt and seaweed fill my nostrils and the sounds of quiet and…Read More