Eight Photos Of Happiness

Mini Golf at Hudson River Park, NYC

I was recently tagged by Louise, a lovely UK lifestyle blogger of Birds and Lillies to the eight photos of happiness post. Her post was so touching and I thought…Read More

Photo101 : Edge and Alignment

Edge and Alignment

Photo101 : Glass, Rounded

The Photo101 course ended this week and I’m playing catch up again, the subject was glass and how using it within a picture to make it more interesting.  Looking through…Read More

Photo101 : Something Treasured

The most treasured things are the things that you can’t hold and are fleeting. Until our next rendezvous.. Xoxo Trudy  

Photo101 : Landscape And Cropping


Photo101: Architecture and Monochrome

Photo101 : How I Stay Connected

It’s not a big surprise to anyone that’s been to New York City before, but this is the “quickest”, least expensive, and most “reliable” way of transportation. Those quotes are…Read More

Photo101: Natural World and Leading lines

An upcoming post will be at this beautiful and distinctive park, The Highline, I love spending time here ! Have you ever visited the Highline? Do you know what makes…Read More

Photo101: Mystery and Lighting

Today’s subject in my Photo101 course was lighting and how to create interest and mystery with different lighting so I chose this image.This picture was in my post from last…Read More

Photo101: Big and Point of View

Photo101 : Solitude

My Bliss Is Cooking

I love to make people happy with food through cooking for them, and that’s one of the ways that I find bliss.

Water And Orientation

A Street By Any Other Name

A Picture of Home