Coffee Date With Trudy

I’m trying out a new thing today called a virtual coffee date, it’s a type of post I learned about through my blogging courses. So let’s catch up on a…Read More

The Space Where I Write

Brooklyn Bridge at Night , NYc , Rendezvous En New York

The space where I write is full of life It’s got energy sparking off the pavement Did you see it just like static electricity from a wool sweater Bright lights,…Read More

Treasured Moments In NYC

September is here and that makes me extremely happy because it means that one of my favorite seasons isn’t too far away, Autumn, and in that season are most of my…Read More

Why Do I Write?

“Why do I write…? Hmm.”, I wish all the answers would come so easily to me as I sit in front of my laptop staring at the word count. There…Read More

A Room With A View

My eyes are closed but it isn’t dark. My eyelids can’t shut out the sunlight. The smell of salt and seaweed fill my nostrils and the sounds of quiet and…Read More