Tech On the Streets of New York 


While I was leaving yoga class to begin my weekly errands,  I ran into a spiffy piece of technology on the street corner. It’s a Wi-Fi stand,  called LinkNYC,  with the ability to charge your phone/laptop on the go. I […]

My Happiness Non-Negotiables in NYC

Lower Manhattan, NYC

I was tagged by the very sweet Stacey, blogger of Stacey in the Sticks for this post.This challenge made me think hard about what is actually necessary for me on a daily basis and what is a luxury. There isn’t […]

Rendezvous Around the Blox

Around the Blox

As a reader of this blog you know that I am always looking and discussing new and hidden gems around the city, like concerts, and artistic events. Well here is a new service that will put you right in touch […]

Coffee Date With Trudy #2

Coffee Date

I decided that the time has come for a coffee date, we need to catch up and although nothing earth-shaking has happened. I don’t want us to lose touch with each other. Let’s meet up in Brooklyn this time, I’ll […]

Mini Golf and Hudson River Park for Karina

Mini Golf at Hudson River Park, NYC

My good friend and frequent blog model, Karina, celebrated her birthday recently. And another one of our friends, Jheanel, wanted to treat Karina to a day out doing something atypical for us. The day didn’t go as planned because although […]

Me, Myself And I

I decided to take part in the Me, Myself, and I link up this week. I really liked the questions and it’s a chance to get to know me and you better. If you’d like to take part you can […]

A Quick Stop At Broadway Bites

Pop-up market Broadway Bites

After taking pictures of Manhattanhenge, and failing miserably, Karina and I were hot and hungry. We walked along 34th street towards the park on Broadway, Greely Square Park, and decided to grab a meal at Broadway Bites. Broadway Bites is […]

Daily Quote

Sometimes things you see just resonate and after two days of rain in NYC, I feel this is true. But I love the rain still. How do you deal with the “clouds” in your life?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Today I’m multi-tasking, I am busy doing social media projects for the blog and attending to my mother’s every want. But, I wanted to make sure to send out well wishes to all the moms, grandmas, soon to be moms, […]

Macy’s Flower Show 2015 in NYC

Macy's Flower Show 2015: Art in Bloom

I attended the last Saturday of the Macy’s Annual Flower Show 2015. It was held from March 22-April 4th. Macy’s has held the flower show in its stores for over 65 years, this year it was held at the flagship […]

Have You Ever Noticed??

Have you ever noticed how if you have your life well planned for the next couple of weeks, numerous distractions will appear to disrupt your once quiet boring life? My writing course is suffering and I’m lagging behind my scheduled […]

Pillow Fight NYC 2015

Pillow Fight NYC 2015

On the first beautiful Saturday afternoon of this month, I planned to meet with a couple of friends to go to Pillow Fight NYC 2015. , organized by New Mind Space . My friends really wanted me to go and […]

Feeling Introverted Today

Mornings are always hard for me and have been since day one. I was even born in the middle of the night. I’ve said before that I only way I could become a morning person is to marry one. That’s […]

Is it just me?

I am so cranky and tired. And I feel so burnt out. I’m staring at the laundry bags filled with clothes to fold and the effort that its taking to do this just isn’t happening today. I’ve felt like this […]

Happy International Women’s Day.. Belated

A perfect rose

Happy International Women’s Day.. really, really belated! International Women’s Day was on March 8, 2015 and I don’t recall which year I learned about it, but I know it was relatively recent. It isn’t celebrated in the United States to […]

NYC Tourist Tips from Johnny T

Sunset on the expressway

I know that a lot of stereotypes exist about New Yorkers, I’m not that naïve to think that a lot of people haven’t seen comedy sketches of the rude smelly taxi drivers, Mafia bosses, streets full of thieves, hostile angry […]

Snow Shoveling Manners?

Snow Shoveling Manners

I’m ranting, I’m raving, I’m all kinds of pissed off that people have lost manners in general but especially when people are doing the back-breaking, heart attack inducing labor of shoveling city streets. FUCK!! If someone is in mid shovel […]

Saturday at Barnes & Noble

X-MEN Storm POP Hero

On a cold Saturday afternoon, I met up with a couple of my friends at one of my favorite places New York City, Barnes & Noble. We were having trouble finding each other because that location is so massive, four […]