How I Celebrated Spa Week

Asanda Spa in Soho
Asanda Spa in Soho
Asanda Spa in Soho

Spa week just happened in New York and I’m not usually able to take advantage because I am always on a budget. But I was determined to try something new.
I was scanning Groupon, as usual, and found a deal that I could use and it was at a spa that I had heard great reviews on, the Asanda Spa in Soho.  The spa is located in a deceptively small building, on the third floor and when the elevator doors open it welcomes you into a light open space.The atmosphere is calming and the staff is super professional.
I’m a fan of anything by the brand Aveda especially their skin care, although my wallet isn’t always in agreement, and those are the products that the spa specializes in using. So knowing that I’m worth it and all that I wanted to pamper myself just a bit. Not sure if this counts as pampering or just proper maintenance to be honest because I wasn’t treating myself well at all last year and I decided to change that this year with little things.

With a cup of their own tea in hand, I had my eyebrows and bikini area waxed (I know TMI) and all that kept running through my head was the scene in “40 Year Old Virgin” No, I wasn’t in this much discomfort, although I heard others have been driven to screams but my esthetician was ,in my opinion, so gentle with me.

A quick thirty minutes for both services was great. The Asanda Spa is full service and does hair, Asanda Aveda Spafacials, nails and massage. Maybe, I’ll invest in the massage services for my birthday? If you are in New York and need some pampering, I would definitely give them a try. Since I am going to keep my promise to take better care of myself overall, I will be back soon.

Do you get to pamper yourself at spa visits? What services do you get and how often? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “How I Celebrated Spa Week

  1. Oh! Trudy! I would rather die than go to a spa! I’m glad you enjoyed it, though, and hope you find you can pamper yourself regularly. If I were going to do something extra special for myself, I’d spend weeks checking out a new camera on line. I’m such a miser that I probably wouldn’t buy it, but I would enjoy looking.

      1. I hate to pay money for things that I can do for myself such as a manicure. Hope you get a camera soon. I won’t let myself get a new one until the present one breaks.

        1. My present one is broken, I’m using my phone for the blog posts currently and I don’t want to have only one option in case that decides to give up.

  2. Good for you! We all should be treating ourselves better! Your spa sounds like an oasis of peace! I go once a year, when I visit California. Always enjoyed getting a pedicure at Coldwater Creek there. Last year though I was disappointed because they went out of business and the company that took over did not do nearly as good a job. I guess I’ll have to find a new place this summer! ?

    1. Yes a manicure would be nice. I hate when strangers touch my feet so not a pedicure, I have so many hang ups that’s part of the reason for the negligence. Yes please find a new spa.

    1. Thanks! Yes sometimes you get so busy doing for others that unfortunately you get forgotten. I’m breaking the habit.

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