Chuck Taylor All Star As Art and “Made By You”

Converse made by Bess

One thing that is always consistent about the city I live in, is that things never stay the same for long. So with that in mind, as I was walking from the post office, running errands, I came across the “Made By You” art exhibition on Flatiron Plaza across from Madison Square Park running from March 2 -7, 2015  and I caught it in its last days.

This area is known for hosting new art displays about every six weeks it seems. Nine huge light boxes about eight feet tall were placed on the plaza and feature pictures of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star iconic sneaker that are personalized by artists around the world. The list includes Andy Warhol, Futura, Ron English, Glenn O’Brien, Fu Han and Kate Lanphear, among others. The timing of the exhibition was great because of the other major art shows going on in New York City this week.

Although, Chucks could never be my favorite because of my flat feet if I were able to wear them I would definitely customize mine like this, minus the holes. It’s a new look at your scribbled on sneakers from grade school. The exhibition will travel the world and other cities on the list are London, Beijing and Mexico City.

If you aren’t in those cities I took pictures of the pieces and I hope you enjoy the slideshow. And you can customize your own at


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Have you ever seen an exhibition like this before? It’s kind of cool and different, isn’t it? And the best part is that it is completely free to enjoy!

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