Coffee Date With Trudy #3

Coffee Date with Trudy, Rendezvous En New York
Coffee Date with Trudy, Rendezvous En New York
Coffee Date with Trudy #3

We haven’t chatted for a while and the holiday season was super hectic. I’d love to check in with you. I’m sure a lot has happened and I want to hear all about it. So let’s meet up for coffee and brunch. I’ve heard about this popular spot that I’ve meant to try. Can we meet around eleven?
If we were having coffee right now, I’d ask you how was your “New Year” celebration and what exciting things did you get into that weekend..? I’m sure it was more exciting than mine. I didn’t do much except for eating far too much and spend time with family(traditionally in Haitian culture we celebrate a battle in our history that was won on the first of the year with a special soup, joumou).
If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell you that a Winter storm is expected to hit the East coast this weekend and I’m not looking forward to my time shoveling the sidewalk and driveway. I love to watch the snow fall but clean up is a complete bitch especially when people walk through what you just shoveled. I wrote about that last year here, it’s one of my pet peeves.
If we were having coffee right now I’d ask if you’ve made any new year resolutions. I don’t, but I am trying to be more adventurous this year. I want to travel more, enjoy more, and live more. I’ve always had money troubles to worry about in the past and I’m determined to not let small things get in my way this year.What are you trying to do differently this year?
If we were having coffee right now I’d tell you that I’m celebrating my blog’s anniversary. It has been a rocky year with it but I love it just the same. This outlet has challenged me in numerous ways and has gotten me out of my comfort zone in others. What are you doing to challenge yourself, creatively or otherwise?
If we were having coffee right now I would let you know that I haven’t been doing well to keep on my diet. Not a weight loss plan but a lifestyle change to keep up with health and fitness that I had started two years ago and by Fall last year, I had “fallen away” from it and I’m not happy about it. So I need to get my routine back with exercise more often and leave the processed foods alone. Are you exercising regularly?
If we were having coffee right now I’d tell you how I miss cooking and baking as much as I used to. I follow lots of lovely blogs and watch beautiful shows, but I haven’t found the time to be in the kitchen alone and just cook from inspiration and not from hunger. There is a difference you know? I want to get back to that and maybe post a couple of things on the blog if I’m especially pleased with the results. Do you bake?
If we were having coffee right now I would have ordered the avocado toast and maybe a couple of scrambled eggs before telling you that I finally bought a planner to get better organized (please don’t laugh). I’m tired of forgetting dates, times and people’s birthdays. And I’ve accepted the fact that electronic calendars aren’t enough for me. How do you stay organized?
If we were having coffee right now I’d be telling you that I ordered my first adult coloring book, I haven’t gotten it yet but I hear it’s a great stress reliever and I always need one of those and I genuinely missed coloring even before it was a fad. Have you broken down and gotten a coloring book yet?
I’m praying that we get to do this again soon. Next time you pick the place.
I’d love to hear all your answers to my questions in the comments below, as always I’d love to hear your side of the conversation, let’s keep it going!

Until our next rendezvous…

Rendezvous en New York

44 thoughts on “Coffee Date With Trudy #3

    1. I will take a picture and post it when I get it in the mail, it was sold out on Amazon and i had to wait for restock. Hope you are well!

  1. Wonderful conversation Trudy! And the coffee is delicious I’m sure. My cup holds hot chocolate. A favorite year round.
    If you’ve kept up with my blog you know I got a Fitbit for Christmas. It’s been fun and sometimes painful to stick to my fitness routine. And that’s my New Years resolution.
    My blogs going great. Just wish I could get back into the book writing mode..,
    I got all my grandchildren an adult coloring book for Christmas. The oldest are in high school and the youngest were in kindergarten. They love them! You know they always want what we have so since it’s not exactly an ‘adult’ theme as you would expect – lol – I obliged. As for me – mine is still just black and white. No time!
    The weather her is very windy and turning colder tomorrow. Of course that is when I have to go out in it to see Andrew perform with the Northwest Florida Symphony. And speaking of Andrew, he has two semesters of school left before graduating and then it’s off to grad school – wherever that will be. It’s been a long road!
    Thanks for the catch-up. Let’s do this again soon! ~Elle

    1. Hi Elle ! Yes I did read the FitBit post. You are always so busy, so I understand about the writing. I hope you get to your coloring book soon, it sound like you need the stress release, ha ha! So Andrew’s performances are starting to become swan’s songs, bittersweet. Thank you for having hot chocolate with me. Let’s do it again soon.

      1. I think he will get his next degree in performance. This one is in music education because Troy doesn’t offer a performance degree. Hopefully there will be many more performances on the agenda, but yes, Trudy, it’s winding down. 🙁

  2. First, congratulations on the blog anniversary! My wife and I just ordered our first adult coloring book. I can’t wait to try it as well! I have fallen off the exercise wagon as well. I watch what I eat. Not too much of the not so good for you stuff, more of the good stuff. Before we moved last year we had a gym around the corner from us. Then when we moved to Queens the same gym chain was a mile and a half away. I had no excuses when it was around the corner from me, but it was harder getting to the new one, plus I did not like the layout and the people as much as the other one. So I am gymless and trying to find something to keep in shape other than stretches and various ab crunches I do. I’m not looking forward to digging our car out from the street if we get the snow they expect!

    1. Thank you Rob! Yeah it’s hard to fit everything in, isn’t it? I’ve been trying to at least get my steps in everyday if I can’t go to a class, so I know what you mean.I guess the “digging out” will be our workout this weekend…

      1. The one thing I take consolation in is that I have quite a hike to the subway in Queens, and then a 10 minute walk from the subway once I get to Brooklyn for work. Winds up being a couple of miles walked every day and typically on weekends we go for long walks. Not the same as a spin class or a treadmill, but its better than nothing

  3. It’s so nice to be here having coffee with you. We had a lovely celebration of New Year’s with both our grandsons here. Our closest neighbors came, and they added four of their grandchildren and a sister to the mix.

    Until I was magically translated up here, I was sitting at my computer watching the snow come down. We weren’t supposed to get much snow in NC, so I was shocked and pleased to find five inches standing at attention on all the railings. How I wish I could help you shovel! I enjoy moving snow, reveling in the exercise that I couldn’t do before my knees were replaced.

    I made no resolutions on January 1, but I hope to use free weights again, besides walking two miles a day.

    I’m retired, so I enjoy cooking. We keep plenty of things in the freezer to choose from, so I prepare whatever I’m in the mood for that day. It helps to have a husband who will eat anything. I baked two kinds of cookies for Christmas — cut out cookies and Norwegian Krumkake (the essense of Christmas for my husband). A hit was uncooked fruitcake from my mother’s recipe. We had not had that for 20 years. I hope you get a chance to cook for fun soon.

    Let’s see, does this place have pastries? I miss that in NC. Doughnuts and fritters are everywhere, but we haven’t found fresh chocolate cigars or crispy raspberry squares.

    I haven’t colored yet, but I now have the pencils and some free pictures to color from the internet. My daughter was here for Thanksgiving, and I bought her a coloring book and pencils for her birthday. She planned to color to her heart’s content when she was recovering from foot surgery in December.

    I noticed you commented on Chrissie Pollock’s blog about public speaking. Have you met her in person?

    This was so much fun. Thanks for inviting me, Trudy. Here, let me hug you before I go. (( )) Can we try that French bakery next time?

    1. Happy new year Anne! I’m glad that you had such a lovely celebration. No I’ve never met Chrissie but I tried to volunteer for WordCamp that happened on Halloween in NYC. It’s a WordPress convention for everything WordPress, bloggers are invited as well. She was speaking there but I wasn’t called in to volunteer,and I have no idea why. Anyway she’s always been super helpful during WordPress courses and in the support chat. You’re welcome and I hope to do this again soon. You can definitely pick the place next time, with lots of flaky pastries that I will make sure I work off, ha ha! Big hug!

      1. I talked to Chrissie yesterday. She said the same thing happened to her a couple of years ago. She volunteered and was not called. She’ll look into it.

        Chrissie is very special to me. I’ve known her since she was born. She’s my niece, and I’m her godmother. I was hoping you had met, because I knew she had been to word camps in the metropolitan area. I hope you can meet her some time. She’s a ray of sunshine!

        1. That is too sweet. No we haven’t met yet, but she has been very nice to me considering we haven’t met.I’m sure we’ll meet sooner or later. I do want to do one of the WordCamps.

  4. What fun! Your coffee share is fascinating!

    I love the winter. Fewer allergens in the air. I also don’t mind shoveling when I’m able, but we have a snowblower for the sidewalks and driveway, and for a maze in the back yard for the dog.

    I don’t make New Year resolutions; I find that what I am doing pretty much works. However, I’ve lost a lot of weight (13.2%), this past year; I hope to be able to exercise, this year and start replacing muscle mass. Keeping track of things, I use my tablet’s calendar and a big desk calendar on the hallway wall just outside the bathroom.

    I pretty much compulsively read booka and write poetry. My current “challenge” is Prose Poetry; I’m in week one of a four-week structured study group, right now.

    I do very much love cooking! I like to wing it. Start out with a couple basic ingredients and create an entree and sides around it. Just for one, however. “Healthy” foods and those with odd ingrediants (that aren’t on a pizza) seem to scare him. ::sigh:: I do bake bread and depression cake, but gluten free; ciliac disease runs in the family, and I’ve got the “sensitivity” level.

    The idea of a traditional culture and related practices is interesting. We don’t have ’em, except for being invited to my husband’s sisters’ homes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter meals. My family tree includes nine different nationalities/cultural practices, and my husband adds German and more Norwegian to the mix. My sisters-in-law make lefse for the winter holidays. 🙂

    I have very much enjoyed having coffee with you. I hope we can do this again.


    1. Thank you for keeping the conversation going and having coffee with me. I know I’m lactose intolerant but I haven’t been tested for celiac, and I’ve always wondered. I’ve been snowed in today so I made a big pot of pasta with sauce, although I’d I had planned I would’ve tried to make a pot pie. Next time!

  5. First it is nice to meet comment on planners broughton a ?. One nice thing about them was it is setup you can usually keep it up. However, the set up takes time. By now you are snow bound if I read the reports correctly.
    If you are lactose intolerant you may will be a glucose intolerant as many celiac are lactose intolerant. You can get GF pizza, pasta, cookies, cakes and good bread. When I first went on the diet I lost 50/60#s. I have since added some back but never regain all the weight. My craving for food if often not present. If you want medical conformation don’t go GF first as you must have gluten in your diet for the tests are accurate.

    1. Thank you for visiting me from Idaho. I’m glad I could make you smile. Yes it’s the setup that takes time. I am very snowbound! It is the third worst snowstorm to hit this area since they’ve kept records. I’m still shoveling. If you check my Instagram you’ll see all the snow. There wasn’t time for play because I didn’t want it to freeze. (I really want to sled down a hill but I’m frostbitten. I figured I could’ve been gluten sensitive, but I’ll wait and see after testing. Glad to meet you as well! ?

    2. Thank you for visiting me from Idaho. I’m glad I could make you smile. Yes it’s the setup that takes time. I am very snowbound! It is the third worst snowstorm to hit this area since they’ve kept records. I’m still shoveling. If you check my Instagram you’ll see all the snow. There wasn’t time for play because I didn’t want it to freeze. (I really want to sled down a hill but I’m frostbitten.I figured I could’ve been gluten sensitive, but I’ll wait and see after testing. Glad to meet you as well! ?

      1. The internet is full of snow pictures. The sun is out now and clouds are forming thunderheads. You usually don’t see them this time of year. No moisture until the middle of the week, cold night and warm days are forecast.

  6. The adult colouring books sounds interesting. I wonder if it will work – as a stress reliever. Will you let us know? Here in the south of France we tend to stay away from processed foods – I certainly love cooking and baking with fresh ingredients. We also tend to stay away from dieting…

    1. You stay away from dieting and yet you’re so thin.. A mystery that Americans keep trying to figure out. I stay away from mist processed foods, but every so often I have to have potatoes chips and fries. I will let you about the coloring books. Thanks for having coffee with me!

  7. Hi Trudy! Nice to meet you 🙂

    I love my adult coloring book! All the things they say about it are true! Now, why it took us grown ups so long to figure out that coloring is so beneficial, I’ll never understand! 😉

    1. I’ve always loved coloring, and would color with my niece when she liked coloring. It became a childish thing, it’s just creative! So I’m shopping for them all over Amazon.

        1. Yes sorry, you’re getting these comments really late they got held up in the spam folder. Thank you for reading my posts at all. I really appreciate it and btw I love a good spicy Indian pickle!

  8. Hi Trudy, I think I arrive a bit late and the coffee must be cold! Hope to join you on the next coffee date.
    I love your idea of a colour book (I used to see them at my local newspaper’s shop in Pairs and I was always attracted by the idea of a stress-relief method, but never bought any of them ), looking forward to hear the benefits of colouring therapy! 😉

  9. This is a very lovely post! It’ll be good having coffee with you …I’m not very organized either and that is my year resolution get organized and be productive. Hope you get the best of the year ahead. Thanks for being a good friend.

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