Coffee Date With Trudy

Coffee Date With Trudy
Coffee Date With Trudy

I’m trying out a new thing today called a virtual coffee date, it’s a type of post I learned about through my blogging courses. So let’s catch up on a virtual coffee date, and spill our guts while we fill them with a meal as well, because coffee alone is so boring. Am I right?

If we were having coffee together, it would probably be at a good restaurant. Most likely one of the ones on my wish list for a great brunch, coffee and french toast go perfectly together. And while we are having coffee, I’ll tell you how I am trying to organize my life (as if I haven’t been trying forever). So this time I’ll make more of an effort.
If we were having coffee together, I would update you and how I am taking two blogging courses and having a good time. It’s really stretching my writing muscles and helping me grow. Can I ask you to check out my latest stuff?

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you how much I didn’t get to do this summer and wish there was more time to do, but we can plan something fabulous or Fall.

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you about the documentaries that I really want to see this season. Are you into documentaries too?

If we were having coffee together, I’d ask if you were planning a trip to go apple picking upstate, or Niagara Falls for ice wine this year to see the Fall colors. I’m so jealous!

I’ve monopolized the conversation and I don’t want to come off as self-absorbed..Are we caught up? I don’t think so, please catch me up with everything going on with you in the comments.

Until our next rendezvous…



54 thoughts on “Coffee Date With Trudy

  1. I enjoyed reading this so much, and I am also loving the look of your blog! So polished, as is the photo above. I am also into documentaries! What are your favourite topics? I’m into space, science, history and I also like a good biography. I love reading about US Presidents and British monarchs. Plus you haven’t monopolised the conversation because I loved listening! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you. I love documentaries about history, politics, biographies, and science. Basically most topics have something interesting to say.

    2. This may be a second post.
      My post just vanished.
      I love your blog. This post is wonderful. I hate coffee but would love to join you wherever you wanted to eat.
      I believe you need food as well.

      I don’t know if this is coming under Rob’s message or not. It is the only place I could get a message on here.

  2. if we were having coffee today it would be at my place where you could sit at the dinner table and relax, listen to the birds sing and watch is I prepare some scrabbled eggs and toast. I hope you like your scrambled eggs wet.

  3. For a coffee date I would have you over at my house. I would grind some of my favorite coffee beans (Grey Whale Blend) and heat the water for the French press. I like a little chocolate almond milk in mine. How about you? Then we would go outside on the deck and sit in the swing. There is some German apple cake I baked for the occasion. We could see deer meandering past the yard, squirrels scampering up the trees and birds wondering why I haven’t filled up the feeders. I would like to hear about your week and documentaries you watched. I would share my adventures and what I read and watched that week.
    I like this type of post. You did a wonderful job of making me feel welcome and drawn in to where I could easily picture this. Nice job Trudy!

    1. Thank you Sabine! I’m really trying to make my posts personable, and I’m not sure if my previous posts were too standoffish ( unintentionally of course) . So that being said , right now my goal is become a better writer, with practice.
      I take my coffee black and I do love a French press , very clean tasting. Apple cake sounds delicious!! And deer with beautiful birds..The setting and your company would make it a great experience!!

      1. Standoffish has never entered my mind while reading your blog. I admire how you have been taking these courses and making them work so well for you. I’m taking notes! I have to sign up again, now that it’s fall and I am hoping to have more time.

        1. I thought I would’ve had more time but the plans were always unraveling to new plans. Any who I tried to keep up as best as I could, so this weekend I do as much catch up as I can while taking care of housework, if I can think of how to tailor it to my blog.

            1. I try to use my head for something besides earrings, ha ha. Some of the ideas don’t work and those are usually left out because I can’t think of something relevant, or I come back to it because I need more time. The only course that I don’t think I would be good at is the long form posts, I hated long form even in school, ten page papers were torture for me.

              1. You sound plenty smart to me and tailoring the assignments to your preferences and theme of your blog is perfect in my opinion. I will some day make it to New York to go watch birds in Central Park. I watched this great documentary about it. Between that and all the interesting places you highlight, I had to put it on my list. And then we will have a real coffee date! Of course, if you make it to the West Coast, coffee would be great too!

                1. Yes it would , then you can take me to the farmer’s market and on hikes that I may not keep up with but I’ll take waaayy too many pictures of ! And you can teach me to make apple cake and limoncello!

  4. I love checking out your posts! I recently watched “Jiro dreams of Sushi” a Japanese doco. I enjoyed it a lot. Fall colours about to happen here too! Looking forward to that.

    1. Sound like an interesting documentary, not sure if I told you but I’m fascinated by all things Japanese. I’ll check that one out. Thank you for reading my posts, it’s wonderful to feel supported.

  5. Hi Trudy, love this post – I just found out about this linkup and think it’s such a cute idea. I love the look of your blog and the tone of your piece. Well done!

  6. I was in Manhattan for an hour this afternoon. Driver (husband) was sure cutting across to the Holland Tunnel would be quicker than going around. We enjoyed people watching. I gave you a virtual wave because I wasn’t sure where you were on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

    1. I stayed in Queens today, didn’t feel like trekking to Manhattan, with the trains running oddly this weekend. It was beautiful today wasn’t it, after the fog was burned away.

  7. Had a wonderful coffee date. Btw, aren’t we all trying to sort out life one way or another, I feel that I need to figure out a better layout the next day – although it pretty much goes the same:(
    I love good brunch and hangout place, the picture shows your fine taste

    1. There are a lot of choices but I would need to know what subjects interest you. Music, food, history, politics, science, culture.. then I could make a good suggestion.

  8. So much top discuss on the documentary front. We watched a fabulous one about an Egyptian city which has been buried underwater and was only discovered about 33 years ago. It was incredible.
    I am currently working my way through the Proust Questionnaire, which writer’s use to create a character’s back story. It’s been fascinating! xx Rowena

      1. It’s more of a motivational memoir. That said, even writing the so-called truth does take on the elements of writing fiction. The truth isn’t so clear cut after all xx Rowena

  9. What a great idea! If we were having coffee together, I like the idea of combining it with brunch – perhaps sitting outside on one last nice late summer/early fall weekend at Isabella’s on the upper west side? You would tell me about all the fun new places to go to in Manhattan and I would tell you about all the great hikes and adventures to be had in Seattle. And then after brunch we would walk over to Central Park and enjoy the fall colors on the trees.

  10. I’m imagining right now. We sit together a cup of coffee in hand you monopolizing the talking while I listen and smile . It will be the most beautiful day of my life, while we are looking at the sun rising up in the horizon.

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