Dear New Yorkers Celebrating Oktoberfest,

OktoberFest 2014
OktoberFest 2014
Oktoberfest 2014

Dear New Yorkers Celebrating Oktoberfest,

I want to start out in this letter stating that I love a good party and I love when people are enjoying themselves. I also love when people from this city take on learning new things about a different culture and explore it, that’s freaking fantastic! Hopefully, you at least Google what Oktoberfest is actually about. With that being said let’s deal specifically with the period from September 19 – October 4, 2015. Yes, let’s talk. Time Out New York has a list of great spots to get your oompah on here.

Oktoberfest celebrations are sparking up all over the city, at every beer garden, German bars, on the waterfront and at street fairs, for the length of the festival. For those taking part because it’s part of your culture that’s great. If you visiting New York and just happen to be here at the same time, Guten tag Willkommen!

I’m referring to the people who know they can’t hold their liquor and who then proceed to chug five or six steins, and not one bratwurst for the beer to hold on to and leave said beer garden/bar. We have to deal with that loveliness, on the street as you stumble and trip over yourself; on the train when the motion makes you upchuck and your bladder reaches capacity. Please spare us the sight of you drunk squatting in a bush. Can we not act like we have a fake ID and never had a beer before, please??

I’ve never understood the phenomenon of getting so wasted that you don’t remember how you got home or what incredibly stupid things you did on the trip home. Do we need any more “Have you seen this person” bumpers during the six o’clock news? Let’s try to use some 18+ sense people and slow your roll! Beer isn’t on the ration list, we have masses amounts and there’s no need to drink your body weight of it to prove a point. Think of your future job or relationship prospects after someone posts that Instagram/YouTube/Snapchat video of your shenanigans and it goes viral. And my last thought in this letter, let’s be careful out there okay and wear underwear.

Do you live in a city that celebrates Oktoberfest? What have you seen or heard about? Tell me in the comments below.

Until our next rendezvous…


Rendezvous en New York

10 thoughts on “Dear New Yorkers Celebrating Oktoberfest,

    1. Well not most people, just I’ve seen many drunk girl videos where they’re stumbling around without it. Go figure! Don’t understand it either.

  1. I’m with you on the drinking your weight in alcohol. What does it prove? From the October fest I’ve been to a lot of people go for that reason. What a shame…~Elle

  2. I totally agree with you about these excuses to get wasted – I’m not sure there’s much cultural value in Oktoberfest if you take out the cultural bit (and, as you commented above, ditto St. Patrick’s Day). I live in the UK so we have quite a lot of events disguised as festivals that basically involve getting blind drunk, and it doesn’t make much sense to me. However, when I visited Belgium I went to one of the big brewing cities and the tourist board said their beer festivals are about tasting little samples of each flavour and appreciating how it was made, not just seeing how much you can drink – it’s about savouring it. I think that’s a much better way to do things.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s a male ego thing, you know you’re a real man if… But it’s beyond ridiculous. I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone in my opinion.

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