Eight Photos Of Happiness

Mini Golf at Hudson River Park, NYC

I was recently tagged by Louise, a lovely UK lifestyle blogger of Birds and Lillies to the eight photos of happiness post. Her post was so touching and I thought I would do a blog based version because I’m not one for pictures and my most recent happy moments have been blog posts with friends and family, that I’m extremely proud of revisiting.

This one is from my first post on the blog and it’s memorable because I was spending the day with my brother on the beach close to my home, and because we are close, all days with him invariably bring me happiness.

Brother made a cameo Walk on Rockaway Beach, Rendezvous En New York
Brother made a cameo

This picture was my first time going to see the holiday windows in New York, unbelievable I know. But a family member invited me and we braved the cold and the long walk and I will never regret it. It was a beautiful night for me walking with my mouth open, awestruck at the creativity, and the ingenuity of the artists behind these windows.

The pursuit of the stage holiday window in NYC 2014
The pursuit of the stage, holiday window in NYC, 2014

In the Spring, I was over the moon to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the Garden until the week after, but that didn’t make it any less amazing.


Magnolia Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NYC 2014
Magnolia Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NYC 2014

My favorite trip to the museum within the last year was the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art about China’s influence on fashion called China: Through the Looking Glass  This section of the exhibit is called, ” Porcelain: Blue and White

China: Through the Looking Glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC 2014
China: Through the Looking Glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC 2014

During the Summer I tried to stay active and blog about my yearly visits to the places that I find interesting and this time I went to the International African Arts Festival/Dance Africa Bazaar at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Every year I make sure to make this event because it feels like a backyard barbecue at the coolest friend’s house. And in the picture the baskets smelled so green and fresh, I wish I had Smell-O-Vision!

Fresh straw baskets at B.A.M. Dance Africa 2015
Fresh straw baskets at B.A.M. Dance Africa 2015

Anytime I get to hang out with my friends is precious and I got to spend the day with Karina at the High Line Park this Summer and you can see that post here. The park used to be a very busy railway in New York that was used to bring food from the Mid West, the resulting park is the most spectacular reuse of a public space, I’ve ever seen. It’s one of my favorite places and if you visit please make your way there. here is one of my favorite shots from that special day.

The High Line Park at Sunset, NYC
The High Line Park at Sunset, NYC

Back to back Karina posts, ha ha! Karina’s birthday is in the Summer so we did a special day out for her. We planned a day at mini golf by the water and it was amazingly beautiful, my phone and camera were behaving to get great shots of the day.

Gazing At New Jersey from Pier 25, NYC
Gazing At New Jersey from Pier 25, NYC

In August of this year, I went to a lazy picnic hosted by my friend Veziah to one of New York’s great open spaces, Governor’s Island. This allowed me to be on a day-cation from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a while. I miss Veziah, we have to get together soon.

Manhattan Views , Governor's Island, NYC
Manhattan Views, Governor’s Island, NYC

This post was harder than I thought, it was difficult to whittle down the last year into eight favorite moments. Anyone who wants to do this challenge please tag me I’d love to see your happiest moments and what makes you smile most. Thank you, Louise, for asking me to do this!

Until our next rendezvous…



Rendezvous en New York

49 thoughts on “Eight Photos Of Happiness

    1. Ok I tag you to do the same! Eight photos that make you most happy, it doesn’t have to be blog related and thank you being so supportive.

        1. Ha-ha the city should pay me then! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog as I gave enjoyed yours. I’m going to try to up my quality and consistency this year so you can enjoy it more.

  1. Thanks Trudy for sharing your happy moments. It is not only about the photos, it is also the feelings.
    Wish you a lot of happy moments in 2016

    1. I wish you the same in your new home, I wish for you that months from now you don’t even remember feeling sad about leaving Paris.

  2. Great Post Trudy! Happy New Year! Thank for all your support on my blogging journey. Looking forward to keeping up with you in 2016. All the best to you and yours.

    1. Thank you Leanne! Happy new year to you as well! Thank you for visiting and supporting me through this year even though I have been a little inconsistent.

      1. Have used this post as inspiration for #73 on “you inspire me” It is scheduled for the 10th of Jan and is linked back to you. Please keep an eye out. Best wishes Leanne!

  3. Well living here is always journeys to new neighborhoods or trying new things so I don’t think I will run out of thing s to shoot or write about for quite a while.

  4. Beautiful pics… I particularly liked the picture of the African baskets. Did you know that the baskets shown are not all from the same country in Africa?

    1. Thank you. No I didn’t know that. Please tell me all about it. I’d like more information. I know that I love them, they’re beautiful, they’re handmade, and they smell great!

      1. Yes Trudy, on the pictures, some are from Rwanda or Burundi, the big ones in the front are from South Africa, and I will have to look closer for the other ones.

    1. I always think of how I can integrate this into my niche /topic. It usually takes a while to get going to make it fit then it’s easy.

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