Encouraging Your Young Child To Eat More

Overeating is a major issue for teenagers and adults across the country. When dealing with young children, though, undereating is often the far more common issue. So, if you’re worried that your child doesn’t eat enough, you are far from alone.

Encouraging Your Young Child To Eat More

Nonetheless, you must find ways to help your child rediscover their appetite. Here are some of the most successful methods. The younger you find a winning strategy for your child the easier it will be to promote smarter eating choices for the long haul.

Start The Day In Style

It is often stated that breakfast is the most important meal. It can be considered particularly crucial when your child doesn’t eat lots during the rest of the day. 

Making breakfast fun is the key. Learning to make fluffy Belgian-style waffles, for example, can work wonders. Aside from fitting into a balanced meal, there is a lot of versatility regarding toppings. So, you can keep it fresh and fun for the long haul.

You can also look to smoothies and fruit juices to ensure your child starts the day with the proper nutrients and enough calories. Crucially, it gives them energy for the day ahead.

Get Them To Cook With You

Encouraging Your Young Child To Eat More

Cooking together can be great for many reasons, not least because you’ll spend time together. Kids will take pride in their creations, which may encourage them to eat more.

Of course, parents will take the lead. Still, there are plenty of simple family recipes to consider. Alternatively, you can get hands-on with baking pizzas or focusing on BBQ sauce-inspired meals. Similarly, cakes or other fun treats are a great way to introduce kids to cooking and nutrition.

Kids will often eat ingredients while preparing the meals too. So, this can be an excellent way to increase the volume of food that they eat over the course of a day.

Give Them Choices

Many children respond well to feeling like they have added control and responsibility. While it’s not limited to nutrition. Eating habits can be one of the main areas of benefit.

It could be as simple as giving them a choice between two sandwich fillings. Or perhaps they can select which restaurant you’ll visit for a family meal. Either way, when they perceive the decision to be their choice, the response should be better.

Besides, this is a great way to decipher what your child actually enjoys eating. From there, grocery shopping choices should become far easier too.

Create Routines Built Around Your Child

Children don’t only need the routine of school and bedtimes. Eating at around the same time helps their body and mind prepare to adopt healthier patterns. 

Setting a good example by eating with a similar routine will help. Crucially, you must appreciate your child’s appetite and eating preference. Some will eat three meals, others prefer to snack throughout the day. Do what works best for your child.

Once you have established a winning pattern, it’s vital that you stick to it. This will make their long-term eating patterns steadier, which will make a world of difference.

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