Fun Pastimes for You and Your Family When You’re Stuck Indoors

We all dread those days when we’re bored at home and at wits end. Well, instead of seeing these days as a pain, it’s possible to use this time to connect with and enjoy the company of our loved ones. The truth is there are so many fun activities that you could employ on these kind of days, so make the most of them. Who couldn’t do with some more family time? With a whole range of activities, you will come to understand your loved ones better as well as engage them in a fun activity that they may never have done otherwise. Anyway, without much further ado, take a look at some of the fun pastimes below:

fun pastimes

Baking Cakes

What person does not love a cake? It may be an idea for you to downloads a few recipes for biscuits, cakes, pizzas, or even something a little healthier, if you are sneaky enough to fool them. Then you can have some fun concocting them. Maybe let your family members decide what to make, and together you can knead the dough and throw a little flour around. Then, in the end, you will have something, hopefully, (all things considered) delicious to eat. Even if it’s not quite delicious, at least your family will have learned something new, as well as the fact that you have spent some quality indoor time together.

Magic Tricks

This does not require you to turn in to Merlin, though it will help if you did a little preparation, or maybe you could all learn together. There are many options to buys a magic kit online, or you could download some tricks to do at home. Most people have access to a deck of cards, and we all know these are a magician’s favourite prop. If you have very young children, then maybe learning a few tricks to showcase. If they are a little older, why not have fun and learn soe tricks together. To be honest, magic has no age limit. Who knows, you may even be able to get the teenagers onside with this one!


There are many different types of puzzles these days. You have the original kind where you have x amount of pieces and images to create on a flat surface. You have the 3D kind, as well as a whole range of other puzzles like the Rubix cubes or globe puzzles etc. There are so many, but it may be fun if you can sit down together and enjoy solving the puzzle together. So think about what your family would enjoy on those rainy days and have a range of fun items on hand. 

Photo Fun

You could play dress up and reenact famous scenes and even create a storyboard of images. How about trying some super slow-mo videos when the kids are acting. Taking photos of funny moments can always be a laugh. You can even have specially signed photos where you can learn how to watermark photos

Playing Cards

It may be an idea to get the cards out and teach family members how to play Poker or some other form of card game, even if it’s the old faithful Uno or Go Fish. Not only will this teach them something, but it will give you the opportunity to brush up on your skills. Perhaps you can up the ante by playing for matchsticks or dimes. Whatever you feel is best for your family. Once the rules are established, and everyone understands what’s going on, you can have hours of fun with a pack of cards.

Board Games

fun pastimes

If you haven’t ever had a look at the number of board games on the market, you’ll be surprised by the sheer abundance of great games on offer. There are classic ones where you build little towns and cities, such as Monopoly, or CandyLand where you earn points for each feature made. You can relive your childhood with Connect Four and Chinese Checkers. To games such as Pandemic, where you work together to fight the board and rid the world of four different viruses. Think about what your family would like, and purchase a few age-appropriate games. Board games are a great way to connect with the kids and learn something new.  

Get Sciency

Want to play Bill Nye at your house? Then why not conduct a science experiment at home. There are science labs for kids, which are pretty easy to get hold of, but maybe you want something a little more high-brow. Do a little research and discover what’s popular. Not only will it be fun, but you will all probably learn something which is a great way to spend an afternoon.

What projects are you likely to try? Have you tried any yet? How did these family nights end up? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Fun Pastimes for You and Your Family When You’re Stuck Indoors

  1. We were a little slow to pick up baking in the pandemic, but Justin has definitely rediscovered it recently. We’ve had a steady supply of breads, cookies and more. I think now we need to take up some indoor exercise to make up for it! 😉

    1. Hahaha! Baking is a real life skill that takes patience. I’m trying but I’m not totally there yet with breads. I think my most complicated bake is a homemade pizza, lol 🤣

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