Fun Ways To Advertise Your Business

Even if you have the most amazing product that has ever been made, if you do not effectively advertise it, you will not meet your goals and stay in business. To that end, if you think advertising is all work and no play, think again. Here are a few different ways you can advertise and enjoy the ride.

advertise your business

Create Some Stickers

Everyone enjoys a little swag these days. Work with CustomStickers to create a line of fun stickers you can give to your customers. Whenever someone makes a purchase, add one to their order. Receiving something extra – for free – makes consumers feel good about their purchases and your company.

A bonus is that you receive advertising that keeps on giving. When people place a bumper sticker with your company’s eye-catching logo, everyone sitting behind them in traffic will see it. A student might affix their laptop or binder with their bumper sticker because it just looks good. This will reach an entirely different demographic and is definitely a win for brand recognition and exposure.

Find a Mascot

If you have a pet, you are set. Some of the most-watched content online revolves around cute animals. Enlist your furry friend as the new mascot for your company. Purchase color-coordinated clothing with the company logo clearly visible for the cute creature to wear.

Next, begin filming. Create how-to videos with your beloved pet doing cute things and sitting front and center. Film voice-overs with the animal next to your products or new items upon release. Make these small videos a routine offering, and people will begin looking for them which equates to more interest and exposure. Once viewership increases, circle back to your bumper stickers to create more, but this time, add a photo of your new mascot!

Start a Newsletter

Email newsletters are still alive, and you should start one. They are easy to start and almost effortless to continue when you have something to share. You can deliver one to your master list daily or make it more exclusive by offering weekly newsletters. The latter will help to ensure greater readership and avoid saturation.

Include everything from the environmental or volunteer efforts of your team to the funny antics of the aforementioned mascot. This is a space for introductions to new team members, shout-outs to loyal customers, and special discounts for newsletter recipients.

Watch this video to learn how to create your company newsletter today.

Host an Event

Consider hosting an event to introduce your business to the community or increase awareness if you are already established in the area. Anything from a community carnival to a fun run is an inventive way to enhance your company’s visibility.

Include demonstrations and fun activities for adults and children, and invite neighborhood businesses to increase participation. Offer drawings, newsletter sign-ups, free bumper sticker swag, and be sure to have your mascot on site for photo opps.

You should promote your business to meet your goals, of course, but you want to have fun along the way, too. Try different strategies that will engage and excite both your team and the community to get people talking about the great company you have created and everything you have to offer.

What do you think? I would like to know.

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