Got Guests Coming Over? Here’s What To Clean Up

So your guests will be here in about 45 minutes, and you’ve completely forgotten to get the house ready beforehand – what are you supposed to do now?! Well, you’ve got to focus on the parts of your home that’ll stand out the most when they’re messy or dirty, and make sure you really highlight the best parts of your living space. 

And without further ado, because you’ve got a lot to get on with here, here are the five areas of your home that’ll need quck clean up right now. Get your gloves on!

quick clean up

Dust and Fluff

The sofa cushions are probably all over the place right now! Make sure you plump and straighten them just before the guests turn up, and make sure any sofa covers and/or blankets are straightened out and have had any lint taken off of them.

Getting a lint roller for the future will make this job much easier! You’ll be able to run it over anything with a fabric surface and make sure it looks as good as the day you bought it.

Wipe Your Windows Down

The windows are always going to stand out, simply because they’re the points in which light and air comes into your home. So if they’re dirty, they’re going to stand out and give someone the wrong impression about your home!

So get to cleaning them; even just giving them a wipe down with a damp cloth will do wonders right now. Opening the windows to air out your home and let a breeze in to freshen space. Pull up the blinds and draw the drapes, use the natural light! It makes everytihng inviting. In the future, be sure to get some Window Cleaning Experts out to see to them, as you have no idea how much mold could actually be growing on those panes, especially on the upper floors.

Clear Your Hallway/Staircase

Next is the hallway and/or staircase, which is usually what your guests first see when walking into your home. Make sure these have had all clutter moved out of them, and that the broom or vacuum has been quickly pulled out. 

You want people to know they’re walking into a clean, comfortable, and cozy home, and people tend to forget just how much the smaller the clutter makes home areas look! 

Fix Your Dining Table

Then tackle the dining table. Run a damp cloth and some anti-bacterial solution over it, make sure the chairs are straight and not covered in any food crumbs, and try to ‘set the table’ ahead of time as well. 

Get some wine glasses out, and the best cutlery you own, and even think about making some creations out of the napkins you bought for the occasion. If you’ve got no time, don’t worry! Just try to light a candle or pop some flowers into a vase for a small, subtle centerpiece and you’ll be golden.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Or call whatever you want to call it. The restroom, the toilet, the loo, the powder room, or the head. It’s got to be presentable for guests. Pick up allthe wet towelsan wxchange them for dry, clean hand towels. Make sure the soap dispenser is full, the shower curtain is pulled closed and that the bathroom is aired out like the rest of the house. Light a candle for any musty smells that may be coming the clothes hamper or change the bathroom rug entirely. Last but definitely not least take a disinfectant cloth to all the hard surfaces in there including the toilet. Because germs…

If you’ve got guests coming over soon, make sure you pay attention to the detail in these areas. Keep them clean and uncluttered and anyone who comes round will absolutely love the look of your home. What’s your routine to get your space together for guests with limited time? Tell me about it in the comments. Let’s chat!!

Until our next rendezvous…



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