My Happiness Non-Negotiables in NYC

Lower Manhattan, NYC

I was tagged by the very sweet Stacey, blogger of Stacey in the Sticks for this post.This challenge made me think hard about what is actually necessary for me on a daily basis and what is a luxury. There isn’t much that I can’t get on a daily basis in NYC if I really want it. But, there are a few things out of necessity and being thoroughly spoiled that I have come to need here. Here is my list of my happiness non-negotiables for living in NYC in no particular order;
1. Good Coffee
Everyone has their preferences and I am no exception when it comes to this topic. Mine definitely isn’t Starbuck’s. When I’m not home, I’ll take Gregory’s Coffee, Dunkin Donuts or Chock Full of Nuts. My favorite coffee for home is Bustelo and I have it every day, in a large mug, black and sweet.

Need coffee

2. Comfortable Shoes

Since New York is a walking and public transportation city, this is common sense, right? I don’t take cabs or Uber often, it’s not worth it. I walk every day I’m out of the house and try to get in at least my 6,000 steps. Even if I’m wearing heels, I have to be able to trek in them because I never know how my day will end up.and yes it is difficult to find comfortable heels but I have my tricks. I don’t know the women who like to torture themselves and always wear five-inch heels everywhere, but I see them and chuckle.
3. A Full Metrocard
This ties into the previous reason, it gets me everywhere I need to be and is fairly dependable except for weekend construction. And nothing is as annoying as when you are in a rush and you find out the damn card is empty and there are five people behind you. And they’re all giving you the, “You suck at life!” look.

A lifetime supply?

4. Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods Market(rarely)/and the Farmer’s Market
I’m big on eating vegetables and cooking when I can and although there is the perception that no one cooks here, it’s just not true. We really don’t have to because of the variety of good restaurants we have here, but I still enjoy chopping and sautéing. And I shop for food almost daily, unfortunately.

trader joe's
Truer words were never spoken

5. My Cell Phone

I think this one doesn’t really need explanation, but I have been without my phone for three weeks last month and my world didn’t stop spinning but it sure did move with much more difficulty because almost nothing got done. Especially since for me, the apps on my phone help me daily as I wrote in this post here.

Cell phone
Remember these?

6. A Hot Shower

All my deep thinking goes on in the shower or while I’m doing housework but of course I enjoy a good shower with my favorite scented shower gel, pumice stone, and scrub gloves, to wake me up or put me sleep. The ritual is so relaxing to me and I always feel better afterward.

Perverted shower head - Imgur

So what are your non-negotiables that you use daily? I’m tagging you all! I’d love to hear them. Tell me everything in comments below. Maybe you’ll remind me of something I forgot.. maybe.

Until our next rendezvous …



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17 thoughts on “My Happiness Non-Negotiables in NYC

  1. Three items on your list would be on mine, too — good coffee, comfortable shoes (sneakers in my case), and a hot shower. Good food would be quite high, also. However, the absolutely most important thing on a daily basis is communication. I need to talk to my husband in person, chat with neighbors that I see, write email and blog posts, respond to others via cell phone and computer, and use that non-tech line of prayer.. I’d send smoke signals if I had to. In desperate circumstances I talk to myself. I have been known to go without food and sleep in order to write. In a nutshell, I most desire a telephone, computer, and tablet linked to the outside world. If it weren’t for WordPress and a computer, I would never have known you.

    1. You’re always so sweet Anne! Thank you for telling me you non negotiables! Yes the phone, shoeeand coffee! I’m a strong advocate for those. Ha-ha! Thank you for visiting me as always!

  2. Fine list for NYC. Here, in Southern California, I need a Von’s or other low-cost market, a car that gets good city mileage, and a native plant garden. LA’s urban areas also need safety and streets that are well-lighted, which is not always the case. In both places, we need money to comfortably survive!

    1. Yea I’m lucky that the car isn’t a necessity, I don’t really enjoy driving. I hear there are many Trader Joe’s popping up in that area too. I hear Wegmans is also good. Yes money is a non negotiable too. Thank you for sharing your list!

  3. Good morning Trudy! Coffee is at the top of my list as well! Living in the suburbs, I depend on my car because public transportation here is very inconvenient. But I also need comfortable shoes because I walk about 8000+ steps a day. ?

    1. Good morning Sabine!! Yes my step results depend on my errands list. My favorite part about counting my steps is when you surpass your daily goal.

    1. Haha, some days I don’t make 6000 and some days like last Saturday I’m lucky enough to make 13,000 steps since I walk so much here when the weather is good. I actually need to walk more because during the Winter I’m hibernating.

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