Have A Plant-Based Revolution With Purple Carrot

Autumn is here!! Our families are back from vacations and returning to the grind. A sense of normalcy is trying to return to the city that never sleeps. Eat, work, sleep, rinse, repeat, etc. But are you ready to revisit all of your old routines, including your eating? Have you thought of possibly changing your routine to start a plant-based revolution? Purple Carrot wants to help you with that.

The Holidays Can Tempt A Saint

Colder weather and more time indoors tend to make us eat a lot more processed foods and fewer vegetables. Holidays that tempt us to forget our balanced diets are coming and you can get in front of undoing your hard work of eating well by getting help from Purple Carrot. Purple Carrot can’t do it all but it can take the temptation and push it further to the back of your mind with healthier choices.

Purple Carrot Gives You So Many Choices

The new assortment of single-portion meals is a collection of delicious recipes from exciting cuisines like Indian, Mexican, Korean, Italian, and West African. They are packaged in microwaveable containers so very convenient to take to work and priced the same as a lunch special meal from an inexpensive local restaurant that comes in at way under a thousand calories. And the 15-meal menu assortment changes weekly so you’ll never get bored, unlike with your boring meal prep filled reusable containers.

Plant based revolution with purple carrot

I have been very fortunate to have eaten Purple Carrot meals for a week and thoroughly enjoyed them. My personal favorite was the spicy peanut tofu with noodles. I didn’t miss the meat and my belly was satisfied. On the Purple Carrot website, you can also include meal kits (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) that are ready in 30 minutes and pantry items to add to your meals. There are also snacks to choose from, like delicious plant-based cookies.

Want to Try?

If you want to try Purple Carrot, I’d like to hook you up with a coupon code on your first order right here. Are you fighting the plant-based revolution? Let me know how you are trying to eat the rainbow during your day in the comments below.

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