Have You Ever Noticed??

Have you ever noticed how if you have your life well planned for the next couple of weeks, numerous distractions will appear to disrupt your once quiet boring life?
My writing course is suffering and I’m lagging behind my scheduled posts. I’ve had two migraines, two visits from family, allergies, doctor’s visits go left, hip pain, torrential downpours, laptop malfunctions, travel problems to and from work within the last week and a half keeping me from my “schedule”.
Tell me about your distractions. What tumbled out of thin air to take you off your planned course? How do you get back on schedule when the train derails?

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7 thoughts on “Have You Ever Noticed??

  1. When my schedule/routine gets out of whack, I lose control of everything. My emotions, my eating and work out schedule, I putter around not knowing what to do. I LOVE routine.
    I usually take a bit of time to plan my course. I do a detox, or start to get my eating habits back in order. I make sure I get back to what is important to me, and follow that. If not, I get all out of whack.

    1. Yes I agree with having routine, unfortunately for me a lot of things were out of my control. But yoga usually works for me.,and eating more cleanly which was also out of my hands. I am working on fine tuning to feel more in control now. What kind of detox do you do?

      1. I don’t go all crazy with the detox, but more along the lines of just cutting out the sugar, fried stuff, etc. I will eat clean, but I don’t take out lean meats, yogurt and all. I have, however, done detoxes before for a few days where I would make smoothies. I would put avocado, chia seeds, coconut milk/water, nut butter, fruits, greens, cucumber, etc. Being that I live in Brazil, I would put acaí pulp sometimes too.

        1. My brother visited Brazil and he said that was one of the things he liked most was how healthy the diet is there and acai was in everything. Sounds good!

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