How I Keep Healthy and Eco-Conscious with the American Farmer Produce Box

It’s the holiday season, the busiest time of year! And for me, it is when a lot of things that I usually prioritize fall by the wayside. Can you relate? High up on the list of forgotten priorities are my diet and health. I just don’t get as much time to shop and plan for meals as usual and I forget about all the sweet holiday treats in your face. It can lead you down the path of Winter hibernation pounds. That’s why I tried the American Farmer produce box. This is a new-to-me business that I tried last month and I will tell you my reasons why I would recommend it.

The American Farmer Produce Box is Eco-Conscious

It was packed so well! It arrived quickly and was packed with a biodegradable ice pack that was easily disposable. And the box was lined with recyclable padding to keep the vegetables undamaged in bulk shipping. Here is my unpacking video:

Unpacking American Farmer Produce Box

American Farmer Produce Box is local

American Farmer isn’t the first company to come up with a box delivered to your home. But what I do like is that my food isn’t traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to get to me. When I received my box, it was from a farm in the next state, less than 50 miles away. It may not seem like much but reducing my carbon footprint is important to me and little ways add up a lot. When I can’t make it to my local farmers market, which I love to shop at, I think that this choice is great when you live in a healthy food desert.

American Farmer Produce Box

The Assortment is Seasonal

This reason ties into my previous one, I like eating seasonally and most of the time most people don’t even realize that they are changing their diet according to seasons. For example, in the middle of Winter, it is not likely unless you live in a tropical climate to have strawberries or cherries available in December. That’s because it isn’t in season when that fruit would taste the best and be the freshest when it gets to you. Eating out of season also adds stress to the environment.

American Farmer Produce Box

The American Farmer Produce Box Saves Me Time

Even though I love food shopping, checking circulars for the lowest prices and traveling to each store that may or may not be within walking distance takes time that I may not always have especially during this time of year. You can get a box delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to you. I ordered a $40 monthly box which included 18 pounds of produce and was set for about two weeks of produce for a family of four. If I was doing this regularly, I would order biweekly. And I refuse to believe that this box was 18 pounds. It was heavy! I only needed to shop for my entreés, which were meat fish, and tofu.

The Produce Is Sourced From Smaller Farms

We’ve all heard of Support Small Business Saturday, right? So why not support these small farms as well? American Farmer CSA is minority-owned and donates 10% of its profits. So there is a whole lot of helping going on here.

And Last But Not Least Of All, I Eat the Rainbow Every Month

The American Farmer Produce Box helps keep me eating the rainbow, which is a way of saying that I am eating a good variety of vegetables that keep me healthy. Having the rainbow in your refrigerator makes it easier to make nutrition-dense meals that will keep your body at its optimum when you add exercise. No, this is not a health claim but just some good sense that I remember from the food pyramid days. So if you know that it is hard for you to keep track of adding a good assortment of veggies to your meals, I think this option is right on time. I for one was very happy with it.

American Farmer Produce Box

Do you use a food subscription box service? Are you happy with your choice? Would this alternative work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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The product in this post was gifted to me by American Farmer LLC but the words and opinion are all my own.

11 thoughts on “How I Keep Healthy and Eco-Conscious with the American Farmer Produce Box

  1. This looks like a great option! I live in a rural area where fresh produce isn’t always the best. I also appreciate that American Farmer is eco-friendly.

    1. You’re welcome! This was my introduction to them as well. Even though these services are everywhere, I never bothered to try them before and this was a great experience.

  2. The boxes are a good idea – there are similar schemes in the UK. I don’t use the boxes though as I live in a rural village with fresh produce sold from local farms – turkey farm, pig farm, vegetables…. 😊

  3. The boxes are a great idea – there are similar schemes in the UK. I don’t use them as I live in a rural village surrounded by a turkey farm, pig farm, dairy farm, vegetable patches, arable farm & strawberry & fruit fields/orchards and I am also on the coast/estuary so fish & oysters aplenty. 😊

    1. You are so lucky! I wanted to try it out and see if I could rationalize it. But after seeing the quality of the ingredients. I think that it’s a great idea for the times of year when life gets too hectic, like now.

  4. We don’t do this because I’m very particular about my vegetables…lol. But I remember a few years back in CT there were cooperative options for farm boxes. You wouldn’t get a weekly box, but you could get boxes most of the months. The items were not only grown locally, but those who participated were expected to put in a few hours each month to help with the planting, weeding, harvesting, etc.

    1. I participated with a co-op long ago but I couldn’t keep up with it because it was so far from me. I love that idea, if it’s conveinent.

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