How To Find A Job That Encourages You To Travel

Many people dream of having a job that allows or even encourages them to travel, yet find themselves stuck behind a desk inside the same 4 walls every day, losing more and more motivation and positivity by the day. Changing career paths towards something that includes travel is actually a lot easier than you might think, as there are several different innovative concepts and ideas that might just set you in the right direction towards job satisfaction around the globe. So, if you want to discover which kind of employment might be available for you to ensure that you can say goodbye to staying sat inside, then read on for some of the greatest routes you can take to gain more freedom today!

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Become A Blogger

This is not to say that this option is easy because it isn’t at all. Blogging is a fairly new craze, but the rise of influencers and other similar figures has really opened up a few doors for regular people to become a part of the hype and make some serious money whilst trotting around the globe. Creating your very own travel blog is such fun, and though it may take some time for you to round up an audience. Once you do you will be able to receive many different sponsorship deals from hotels, plane companies, and many different related organizations. If you’re ready to commit yourself to build up a brand and write interesting and high-quality content to upload online, then this might be the perfect concept for you.

Work At A Resort 

There are many opportunities for you to gain employment at a specific resort or complex, that can provide you with all of the joy of a holiday, but permanently. These can be such rewarding roles, but if you want to know what it is like to work at a ski resort then you will have to bite the bullet and search for an available position. You can choose which kind of environment you would personally prefer to work in, whether this is underneath the warmth of the sun or amongst freezing snow!

Train As A Flight Attendant

No one gets to travel as frequently as a flight attendant, so if you do not have a fear of flying then this is truly the best job that you can gain if you want to see the world. Each flight that you service will provide you with a new location upon landing, and you usually get to choose which destinations you stay at overnight. Essentially, you get to visit many, many places while being paid a decent wage, but it does make your personal life become a little messy when you have to speed from one corner of the globe to the next every week.

Working On A Cruise Line

Just like being a flight attendant, travel is essentially your job on the ship. Being part of the crew, you are assured to go to a new port almost every week. And the job listing is so varied from a chef in the main kitchen to a professional dancer for the onboard show. What more encouragement do you need? I think this job is perfect for someone who is single and doesn’t have a family to worry about.

Being A Housesitter

Maybe you aren’t aware that housesitting is actually a job but if you are looking for a job that encourages you to travel this is definitely on point. Housesitting involves you staying at a house other than your own while taking care of it for the owners who are away. It can be in whatever country you can get a ticket to and the stay varies for each owner. Sometimes it is a swap situation and other times just you sitting for people who don’t want to leave their home empty for too long. You can travel without worrying about finding a hotel and living in a real neighborhood instead of a tourist area. It encourages slow travel of your host country.

Volunteer Abroad

I am not totally behind this idea because it can be seen as controversial. Most people want to do good but aren’t quite so motivated and travel to a foreign country is just the motivation they need. Two birds with one stone and all that. What makes the idea a bit controversial is the fact that people who volunteer are condescending to the people they go to help and see them as objects instead of equals or unworthy of respect, therein lies the savior mentality that appears on Instagram when people from the Global North volunteer in the Global South. If you are a level headed person and not a douche, then I suggest volunteering. Volunteer as an English teacher for a short period of time, also you can volunteer by doing handyman chores or working on a farm.

Digital Nomad It Up!

The easiest way to find a job that encourages you to travel is to do it online. that way you are never truly away from your source of income. Being a virtual assistant, or teaching English online will allow you to work from anywhere without having to worry about applying for vacation days. If you aren’t willing to leave your seniority at your current job, we can make it work. No worries, in the age of globalism, you can also ask to be transferred to another country where your current company operates.

Teaching Abroad Also Works

One of my favorite travel bloggers, Oneika the Traveller, has been very open about how she used teaching as her way to see the world and live in other countries. There is a long list of countries that pay pretty well to teach abroad and help get your work visa. Total immersion sounds so amazing if you are a culture nut like me! Don’t you think? This opportunity is excellent for people who love teaching or want to change careers along with their home country.

Finding a job that encourages you to travel doesn’t have to be as tricky as you might think, as these 8 examples just show how easy it is to seek out some rewarding roles that you can apply for today. Whether you become a blogger, work at a resort, volunteer, teacher, VA, housesit, cruise the world or train as a flight attendant, don’t forget to pack your sunglasses and have fun!

Jobs that encourages you to travel
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Have you ever considered changing your job to travel? Would you choose one of these suggestions? If so, which one? Do you have more to add? Let me know in the comments below. Let’s keep this discussion going!!

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8 thoughts on “How To Find A Job That Encourages You To Travel

  1. You know, I always thought I’d want a job with lots of travel, but now I really enjoy traveling for leisure! Our blog is more of a passion project, and we’ve been careful to make sure travel never feels like work.

    That being said, I think teaching abroad sounds like a crazy adventure, and I admire people who’ve done it! Maybe it’ll be fun as a second act? 😉

    1. Teaching later in life would be a total 180°, wouldn’t it? It’s definitely something to think about. I think as far as traveling for the blog, overdoing seems to be the trend. It’s quite corny to me, I prefer a slow travel mentality if I was ever blessed in that way. I’d prefer to have more of a local perspective than 3 day itineraries if given the choice. No number goals involved. But, I see that I’m in a small group with that thinking.

        1. I understand that, you’re not a full time blogger who constantly publicizes their country count. I was referring to that, not you. I think that sometimes the joy of travel and learning new things gets lost in the competition to brag.

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