How To Pack for Your Travels To Save Money

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In the last year, I’ve written posts on traveling solo, how to afford traveling, budget traveling, and what the must-do’s are at different travel destinations. My goal is always for you to save money, see the sights, sounds, and smells of a new city, and have the best travel experience possible. I get a lot of questions about what people should pack when they’re traveling and while that varies based on destination and what you’ll be doing there, time of year you’re traveling, and just your personality overall, there are five things that I think are a must to pack to save yourself money. Ready?

1)      A jacket:  “But I’m going to Cancun for two weeks! I don’t need to take a jacket!” Hear me out –  Jackets can be pricey. A lightweight jacket takes up no more room in your suitcase than a shirt but it could put a huge dent in your budget if you get to your destination and you do need a jacket. Jackets can even be packed in your carry-on luggage. It’s just a good idea to pack your own instead of having to spend your hard-earned money on something you already have at home.

2)      Prescription Medication: What’s more expensive than prescription medication you have to take every day? The medication you have to get from a pharmacy in a different state/foreign country. The hassle of forgetting prescription medication is a drain in every regard. Don’t leave home without it!

3)      Swimming Suit: This is along the same lines as a jacket. You might need one and it takes up no more room in your suitcase than a pair of underwear. Pack yours no matter where you’re going. The hotel you’re staying in might have a pool or hot tub and you’ll regret leaving your suit at home. Buying a swimming suit can be a budget buster as well, so plan accordingly and pack it.

4)      Snacks: Purchasing food in an airport is a big budget buster! The food really isn’t any better (unless you’re at an airport with gourmet restaurant choices!) and it is astronomically more expensive. When you bring your own TSA-friendly snacks, you have control over what you eat and when. You don’t have to stress about what you’ll eat during a layover or a flight cancellation either, saving you stress and worry too.

5)      Prescription Eyewear: Being able to see is invaluable! Don’t leave home without your glasses or prescription sunglasses. It will be close to impossible to get adequate replacements in time to use them and the misery of not being able to see for an entire trip you’ve paid good money to be on is a huge bummer! Save yourself the money/stress/headaches and just make sure you pack your eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.

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Those are our top five packing musts to save money. Tell us – do you have any budget travel tips or what have you been sure to take on a trip that has saved you money? Share in the comments below with our readers. Happy travels!

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3 thoughts on “How To Pack for Your Travels To Save Money

  1. You rarely can get your own prescriptions from your country filled in another country. Since we travel so much our doc writes us scripts we can fill in advance just in case. This was really helpful when I got pneumonia in sicily. AlsoI have a standard packing list that i modify depending on where I am going. And when.

    1. You’re an expert traveler then. Sometimes you can buy or get health insurance for traveling depending on your home country. I would think that would make everything worry free.

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