How to reach your goals

reach your goals

How often have you set New Year resolutions and never followed through with them? What about goals throughout the year? Have you always followed through with them, or do you tend to set goals and then forget them days, weeks, or months later? Setting goals is easy, but reaching them is the hard part and it’s definitely not for people who are not prepared to take action and work for them. If you want to actually shake things up and reach your goals, instead of failing after you set them, here’s how. Here are a few ways to reach your goals – 

Map out your plan

Once you set a goal or goals, you absolutely need to map out your plan. What is it going to take to get there, and then how can you set that plan into action? Mapping out your plan requires you to think short-term and long-term: you want your plan to be attainable and practical, but you also want to make sure that you are making progress as quickly as possible. Think long and hard about it, and then map out a practical plan that you can tackle with ease! 

Take action every single day

Once you have your plan mapped out, figure out how you can take action every single day. If your plan is to simplify your life, how can you do that starting with each morning? If your plan is to be more intentional with your time, start today! How can you take action today, to ensure that you are closer to your goal tomorrow?

Set a date

Setting a hard date for when you want to reach your goal is great because then you can set shorter-term goals that are smaller, leading up to that big goal. Be realistic with this and don’t set a date or goal that is too hard to reach.

Tell people

The best tip I have for you? Tell people all about your goal(s). The more people, the better! Telling people and talking about it a good bit is so beneficial because it essentially lights a fire under you. When you tell people, you also want to talk about your progress and what you will REALLY like to tell people about is when your goal becomes a reality. Tell your friends, talk about your goal(s) on social media, and really work hard to tell everyone about your progress and updates along the way. It really will make a huge difference when it comes to reaching the goals that you set, I promise.

Make big changes, when necessary

Sometimes, reaching your goal, or goals requires making big moves. A new job, a new house, maybe even new friends, or a new partner. Whatever your goals might be, it definitely requires a new, updated mindset to achieve them. Don’t be afraid of big changes – there are so many ways to make them easier on yourself during the transition process, including using companies to rely on, that will do the heavy lifting for you. That’s exactly what Consider it Moving is all about – making a big change easier for you, no matter if you are decluttering your home and need to remove large boxes or furniture if you are doing an actual move across the city, state, or even country, or if you just need help with home staging, and more. They do it all – even business relocation in Long Island!

Believe in yourself

Maybe you will use 1 of these tips, or maybe you’ll use 3. Whatever the case is, you need to use this one. Believing in yourself is non-negotiable. You absolutely HAVE to believe in yourself, or you will most definitely fail. You’ve got this and I know that you can do it, so get on board and believe that you can, too!

What tips do you have to share about how to reach your goals? Let us know in the comments below. Let’s keep this conversation going.

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