How To Teach Children Responsibility

how to teach children responsibility

When you are a parent, you have a number of important tasks to carry out, all of which should help make your children more well-rounded individuals and prepare them for adult life. One of the best ways to do this is to teach your child or children responsibility. Of course, this shouldn’t mean taking away their childhood and making them work so hard they never have any fun and so on, but it should mean they have a better understanding and appreciation of the things they can do and, more importantly, why they should be doing them. If you are keen to instill some additional responsibility into your children, read on to find out more. 

Start Young

The earlier you start teaching your children about responsibility, the easier it will be for them to learn the lessons. It would be a little unfair to suddenly ask a teenager to be more responsible if you had never helped them do so in the past. If you can start with younger children, responsibility will become second nature to them, and they will easily be able to do things without even being asked.

Little children are much more open to new things, and they are more likely to listen to what their parents say. Plus, if they choose to become parents themselves, they will be able to teach their own children in the same way, and this will produce well-behaved, responsible children who understand life skills for generations to come.

Try Volunteering

A great way for children of all ages to understand more about responsibility and do something for others at the same time is for them to volunteer. Teenagers will be able to do this by themselves, depending on their age and what they want to do, but younger children will need a guardian with them for the most part. Either way, volunteering is a wonderful way to show what responsibility looks like; after all, when you are volunteering, you are helping those who have nothing to give back to you, but because it is your duty to help others, you do it anyway. This is a hugely important lesson to learn.

Volunteering comes in many forms, including helping at an animal shelter, picking up litter from the local neighborhood, helping out in a soup kitchen, or even raising money for charity. Any of these choices would be perfect for teaching responsibility and helping others.

Let Them Help You

Do you find that your children like to help you with chores around the house? Do they ask if they can help fix your famous bacon meatloaf for dinner or fold towels or wash clothes? Many young children love to do this as they feel they are emulating their parents and being ‘grown up’. The problem is that many adults prefer to do their chores by themselves; they know it will be quicker and it will get done the right way.

Yet if you can allow your children to help, even if the task takes double the time or you have to re-do the job, later on, you will be helping them learn about responsibility. Giving them tasks to do that they will have ownership of, whether it’s setting the table at mealtimes, making their own bed, or feeding the dog, will teach them some valuable lessons. 

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