Impromptu Rendezvous At Bubby’s High Line

Dark and Stormy, Tropical Illusion at Bubby's

Last month I was lucky enough to spend the day with my good friend, Karina, and I begged her to come with me to Bubby’s High Line, (the tagline is “defending the American table, also we steal recipes from Grandma’s), a restaurant that I have heard so many great things about and I had saved on my Foursquare list. It was totally spontaneous and we weren’t sure if we would have a long wait for a table, and on this beautiful clear night we lucked out and got to sit outside and dine al fresco. The music inside was way too loud for us to carry on a conversation and that was our second goal behind feeding our bellies.

The menu is simple food and centered around what your Jewish/Southern/Asian grandmother would go all-out and make for you if you came to dinner with some bar food mixed in.

We ordered drinks, I got a dark and stormy and she got a tropical illusion. Then appetizers to share; I chose blistered shishito peppers, and she decided on buffalo wings.

Dark and Stormy, Tropical Illusion at Bubby's
Dark and Stormy, Tropical Illusion at Bubby’s
Dinner at Bubby's
Dinner at Bubby’s

For my main course, I chose chicken soup with matzoh balls. Karina who was more adventurous and not lactose intolerant ordered macaroni and cheese, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and bacon. The servings were a decent size and made sharing easy. Our small table was swamped with food.

Dinner at Bubby's
Dinner at Bubby’s

After the entrée, we ordered our desserts. Karina craved apple pie à la mode and I got a banoffee ( banana, toffee, espresso, brown sugar, whipped cream, and a graham cracker crust).

Banoffee at Bubby's
Banoffee at Bubby’s
Apple Pie A la Mode At Bubby's
Apple Pie A la Mode At Bubby’s

Yes, that was super zoom on that Banoffee! My favorite part is the graham cracker crust and Karina gobbled up her pie. We had happy bellies and we got to catch up which was supposed to be the point but food kind of distracted us for a minute. But it was a lovely evening!!

Have you been to any interesting restaurants lately? I want to hear about.

Until our next rendezvous…


Rendezvous en New York


30 thoughts on “Impromptu Rendezvous At Bubby’s High Line

  1. I haven’t eaten dinner yet, and you almost made me drool! I’m so glad you wrote and photographed your lovely dinners. I’ve become self-conscious about writing of food because I’ve been criticized for putting too much emphasis on eating. I could read your post with willful abandon because no one was here to see me read it.

    1. You’ve made me chuckle because you’ve indulged me in my fat ass tendencies (pardon my language) but I’m a major foodie, I drool on the Food Network, Cooking Channel and PBS, so I can totally relate to getting hungry from the description of good food. I love to cook and critique food. But I’m in no way qualified to do so, but some of my friends don’t share my love. So I’m glad that you do! Thank you!!!

  2. Looks like dinner and catching-up were a success. The shishito peppers are a favorite of mine, along with the similar padrones peppers. I frequently buy them during the summer and roast them with a little olive oil. Yummy! Never had matzo ball soup, but if I encounter a vegetarian one, I’ll have to try it. As for eating to, I will visit my all time favorite, “East West Cafe” on my upcoming trip to California.

    1. Can’t wait to read and see! I’m sure there’s a vegetarian version. I need to visit my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan soon and do a post. Actually I have a couple… I have post ideas to write down, thanks. Have a great time in California!!

      1. Will do! It”s my annual “get-away”, a road trip by myself, visiting friends and explore all the things I didn’t do while I lived there!
        Have you ever been to the Moosewood Restaurant?

                    1. Thank you so much! I was afraid that I’m sounding like a repeat of everyone else. Although, a lot of bloggers have aspirational lives that I don’t have. I’m just me, but a lot of cool things go on here that I guess other people besides me find interesting and that makes me very happy!! I really appreciate your support!

                    2. Being yourself and enjoying the adventures that come with blogging about real things, is, in my humble opinion, the preferred way to go. It simply adds a human touch, which is often lacking in this world today!

                    3. I do admit sometimes I am envious of the glamour but I want to be relatable, and all that glamour is exhausting sometimes. Thank you for the compliment. I’ll keep being the real me!

  3. Hey there, followed your link from Lilypups blog invite. My dream is to get to New York some day, in the mean time, I am loving checking out your photos and pieces, I can close my eyes and dream to be there.

    1. Thank you for all your compliments. I do hope that you get here, it’s a special place to live that most natives don’t really explore unless they’re showing the city to a visitor. I’m glad that I got a piece of your day, come back often to love vicariously through me! Is there anything in particular that you want to see/read about besides the obvious stuff?

  4. I just came out myself of a catching-up lunch with an old friend. Not as delicious as your dinner at Bubby’s, we had to manage with a couple of deli sandwhiches from M&S. Thanks for the mouth watering photos????

    1. Thank you.!That was a special occasion, my good friend was generous enough to take me to dinner, 😁. Deli sandwiches can be great too!

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