Happy International Women’s Day.. Belated

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Happy International Women’s Day.. really, really belated!

International Women’s Day was on March 8, 2015 and I don’t recall which year I learned about it, but I know it was relatively recent. It isn’t celebrated in the United States to the extent that I’ve seen in other countries, not a shock with the multitude of woman’s issues that are still up for debate by men. I mean a lot of people know about here it but its basically just a blurb on the news or a shared post on Facebook. I’ve learned that, it’s historically a holiday celebrated in Europe and the former Soviet Bloc but has taken on new meaning as a fight for women’s rights and social awareness. So in that vein, forgive me for being really late to the party.
Last week I was checking out the Upworthy fan page on Facebook and I felt that one of their recent posts fell in line with the aim of the International Women’s Day celebration,although it is actually from an ad campaign by Wacoal Thailand called, “My Beautiful Woman”. The ad campaign centers around a short film about how beautiful everyday women are on the inside and how it isn’t always clear. It presents three different vignettes about women and how through difficulties and negative judgments in society they showed how beautifully strong and resilient they were. The Beauty Inside campaign also invited you to present your beautiful woman on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the hashtag #mybeautifulwoman. Watch the film (I dare you not to tear up) and tell me in the comments about the beautiful women in your lives and what makes them so beautiful .

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