Is it just me?

I am so cranky and tired. And I feel so burnt out. I’m staring at the laundry bags filled with clothes to fold and the effort that its taking to do this just isn’t happening today. I’ve felt like this all weekend. Writing posts even though I have drafts isn’t happening. I need a massage, a hot bath, and some fun that has no point. Who’s with me ????

Rendezvous en New York

11 thoughts on “Is it just me?

    1. No ice cream or chocolate in the house and its after eleven so I’m not going out tonight, too much trouble to get dressed. Wow I sound awful don’t I ? Lol!!

  1. I’m good with the massage thing lol I can be a handy ….I’m sorry bout the nomination I found out that I don’t deserve it at the moment I wrote it again but I think twice.

      1. now I realized that there’s something big that has been missing in my life. It’s the first time for me to contemplate that….all my life I always give and denying myself of pleasure even wonderful gifts that accepting from anyone become foreign to me….That is something the hard facts the result of m traumatic life resulting from childhood until now…I’ve become a masochist giving much but denying myself hurting myself even more….I guess that must be remedied just realized it now.Living in fear? up til now i haven’t see the severity of it.

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