Killer Heels at the Brooklyn Museum

Killer Heels At the Brooklyn Museum

I have wanted to go to the exhibit called, Killer Heels at the Brooklyn Museum since it opened and something always came up so my plans would fall through. So when the Brooklyn Museum had its Target First Saturday’s program, I was not letting anything get in the way.

On Target First Saturday’s, there is a topic that the festivities relate to, including film, art exhibits, music artists, and crafts, the Brooklyn Museum is also free from 5-11 pm, and there is always a huge turnout. The topic this time was Black History month and the films addressed the subject so, although because of the limited supply of tickets I didn’t get to see either of the two presented that night. The music artist was Bilal (awesome live performance btw) and because I was so distracted by the Killer Heels exhibit, I got a lousy view. But it didn’t matter, the crowd was so into the performance, dancing and singing along, it was enough to just listen.

How Killer Were These Heels?

But back to the exhibition, it was definitely worth waiting for to me because I am a high heel lover and the array of styles from different eras, and cultures made it fascinating. Clips from popular film releases were used to show how the shoes were worn in the frame of history and popular culture. Here is a video of the reasoning behind the exhibition.


I also took many pictures of the Killer Heels myself, although they weren’t the best quality because of the low lights to protect the fabric materials of the shoes.

I also got about an hour to walk around the rest of the Brooklyn Museum and I headed to my favorite part, which is the Egyptian Collection of artifacts and before we were kicked out, I got a few shots there as well. I love this place!!! The Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe exhibition is running at the Brooklyn Museum until March 1st, 2015.

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    1. That video was awesome! I really enjoyed it , thank you! It would’ve been perfect at the exhibit if they played it. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I went to see this exhibition too – so awesome! You took way more (and much better) photos than I did! If you enjoyed this one, then you should definitely head back there in the summer. They’re going to have a special exhibition about sneakers!

    1. I just wrote about the Converse exhibition that was at the Flatiron Plaza last week . I am excited to see the new exhibit that debuted last week at the Brooklyn Museum, about women for International Women’s Day, by Kehinde Wiley . I have to see that since I missed the even this past Saturday.

  2. Trudy I find myself on your blog again and am enjoying reading it, like your style and love NY! a good combo. New to blogging and finding everyone’s blog is different to navigate around. I am trying to figure out how to follow yours with in WordPress. All the blogs I follow to date have had a follow link appear at the top of my page but can’t find it for yours? Any suggestions?

      1. mmn feeling really stupid but cant see it to save myself!
        Can see follow you on fb blogloving etc and email but just want to save you on my reader thru WordPress.

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