Macy’s Flower Show 2015 in NYC

Macy's Flower Show 2015: Art in Bloom

I attended the last Saturday of the Macy’s Annual Flower Show 2015. It was held from March 22-April 4th. Macy’s has held the flower show in its stores for over 65 years, this year it was held at the flagship in New York, Center City in Philadelphia, Union Square in San Francisco , State Street in Chicago, and downtown Minneapolis. Every year I plan to attend but something or someone always deters those plans. Well I guess I planned well this year because I made it!
This location of Macy’s is usually crowded on a Saturday, well this was no exception. It was tourist central and from previous knowledge I avoid this store on the weekend. But I couldn’t avoid the crowds this time since it was the last day of the event and my brother, who was in town visiting, was going with me.
I made it to Macy’s Herald Square in the middle of the afternoon, while it was its most crowded. It was mass hysteria because every corner was taken by people with cameras. The first thing I saw after entering was a replica of the statue of David standing on a podium of flowers with holographic flowers moving across the statue.

Statue of David at Macy's Flower Show 2015
Statue of David at Macy’s Flower Show 2015

Next I saw the flower arrangements in the ceiling columns and down each walkway in the metal arbors (side note my pictures will be off-center because the crowds were not helping with the quality of presentation).

Things are in bloom!
Things are in bloom! #macysflowershow2015

There were also arrangements in the middle of the hallways with colored lights and cherry trees in bloom

Arrangements with colored bulb lights #macysflowershow2015
Arrangements with colored bulb lights #macysflowershow2015

I couldn’t tell if the fragrance I was smelling was the perfume counter or the massive amount of flowers everywhere. I needed a more hi- tech camera to get panoramic shots of the first floor, not that it would’ve been possible with so many people. I tried to get a better vantage point of floor 1 and 1/2. That way I could catch the arrangements that were up high. Even with the pictures I know that there is no way to see how

Flowering Trees #MacysFlowerShow2015
Flowering Trees #MacysFlowerShow2015
Gorgeous! #MacysFlowerShow2015
Gorgeous! #MacysFlowerShow2015

huge the arrangements were, except to measure against the people in the pictures. Such an array of vibrant colors.

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If for nothing else that day I got to work on my photography skills on such beautiful subjects. Do you enjoy flowers as much as I do? I wonder how they will top this next year?

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16 thoughts on “Macy’s Flower Show 2015 in NYC

  1. Amazing that I grew up in NYC (I’m 62 and visited Macy’s a lot as a child) and had never heard of the flower show until last year. It looks great but, the last time I was in Macy’s Herald Square it was almost wall to wall people. It was nice for you to do the work so I didn’t have to wade through the crowds (or travel 150 miles, as I would have to now.)

    1. Ha ha! My suggestion would be to go on a Monday morning to avoid the hub. Of course I didn’t do that because I had family visiting but that would be the plan if it were up to me. I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post! What part of NY are you in?

  2. wow. I was expecting something else. I didn’t realise it was in the actual store. I thought they just sponsored it. Thank you for sharing!

    1. What were you expecting? Yes that’s what made it so hard to take good pictures, I wasn’t able to get the windows made completely of flowers because the lighting was bad, I came too late in the day.It’s very much like the holiday season windows.

        1. I think they would need a permit since it’s government property and 24hour security, I really think it’s time draw people for Easter and early Mother’s day shopping.

  3. Lovely event! I love flowers myself and May is the month! Thanks for making me discover the event, I think you just inspired one of my future posts! I just came back from Holland where I have visited one of the most espectacular tulip shows I have never seen. I’ll try to share it.

      1. now I’m missing working for the Amy. my headquarters was at Ft. Dix and I used to fly into Newark a couple times a year.

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