Make Moving Across The Country Less Stressful!

family moving across the country

It’s pretty fair to say that moving home can be pretty stressful. However, there are some things that can actually manage to make it even more stressful. One of the most significant ways that moving home can be an even bigger challenge is if you’re moving all the way across the country. After all, completely uprooting your life and starting over somewhere new can be a serious change. Not only that but long-distance moving takes all of the typical stresses about moving house and turns them all up to eleven. With that in mind, here are some ways to make moving across the country just a little bit easier.

Family moving across the country

Start planning right away 

One thing that people do far too often with any move, let alone a move all the way across the country, is that they don’t realize just how much planning is involved. If you’re not carefully planning everything that goes into your move, you’re putting yourself in a position where it’s almost guaranteed that something is going to get missed or forgotten. It’s important to make clear lists of everything that needs packing and where it’s going to end up. You also need to be sure that you’re keeping track of all of your timings. You need to be sure that the new house is ready when you need it and that the sale of the old house has gone through in time.

Get some help

Moving home is one of those things that often seems a lot simpler than it actually is. After all, it’s just packing and moving a few boxes, right? Well, even if that were the case, the actual process of packing and moving all of those boxes is a whole lot more work than a lot of people think. Once you’ve carried one heavy box to your car, you’re going to realize just how big of a task it is. So why not get some people to help. As they say, many hands make light work! Just remember that you might have to bribe them with pizza.

Document Everything

This is the time to pull out that Polaroid camera or a drugstore disposable, and take pictures of valuables and their condition before putting them in boxes, so that you can account for everything in case anything is misplaced or damaged while it is being transported. Anything that is truly valuable or irreplacable, you should carry yourself . But otherwise, to file a claim afterwards you need to be organized and diligent with your “housekeeping”. Also, taking these pictures will make unloading and placing the boxes in their proper spaces so much easier when its time to unpack.

Look to the professionals 

If you really want to take as much stress as possible out of your move, working with a cross country moving company that’s skilled and experienced in just that is one of the best ways to go. After all, putting everything in the hands of professionals allows you to focus on the far more pleasant aspects of moving home like making a start with the decor and finding the perfect place for your favorite chair.

Get Insured

Just like I mentioned on getting professionals to move your precious things, we all have to be realists and admit that accidents happen. Just in case, for peventitve measure check if your mover has insurance for your move and what it covers. It better to be prepared and forewarned.

The truth is, no matter what you do, there’s always a pretty good chance that moving home is going to be pretty difficult. However, by being willing to do your research and carefully consider all of your options, you can make sure that you remove as much unnecessary stress and difficulty from the process as possible. That way, you can get on with the fun part of enjoying your new life in your new home.

Do you have any tips for moving? What has made it easier and less stressful for you? Let’s exchange our kernel of knowledge in the comments.

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