Mini Golf and Hudson River Park for Karina

Mini Golf at Hudson River Park, NYC

My good friend and frequent blog model, Karina, celebrated her birthday recently. And another one of our friends, Jheanel, wanted to treat Karina to a day out doing something atypical for us. The day didn’t go as planned because although we’re aware of how the subway tends to have construction projects on the weekend. And we are accustomed to checking the schedule for that work; the MTA threw us a curveball and didn’t announce work that kept us from going to our planned surprise visit of Jacques Torres chocolate shop for freshly made smores.

So we made the best of it and went straight to the next activity, and I knew the perfect one…mini-golf! Not one of us has been, I know that’s really pathetic but I’ve never had the opportunity to go.

Exploring Hudson River Park

So I searched and found a place to go and it happened to be at the Hudson River Park. It’s a park I’ve always wanted to visit but have never had a reason to walk through, and on Pier 25 lies a space for a mini golf course.Hudson River Park, NYC

Hudson River Park/ Volleyball Courts
Hudson River Park/ Volleyball Courts

The park is so named Hudson River Park because it is on the banks of the Hudson River separating New York and New Jersey and the views are some of the best of downtown Manhattan, filled with residential high-rises, a huge community college and neighborhood restaurants. In short, it’s a very ritzy neighborhood with the ability to own a boat.
The park is about a mile long next to the West Side Highway and has a bike and jogging lanes, a skate park, playground, swimming pool, volleyball court, soccer pitch, basketball courts and golf course. My friends are usually up for anything at least once and it was going to make the day memorable, which was the most important thing.

Mini-Golf Anyone?

First of all, let me say that I’m a horrible golfer and that’s with my best 90s Tiger Woods interpretation of his formerly fantastic grip and swing, I came in at last place (so I guess that my interpretation was more like 2015, poor Tiger ). But the scenery was the first place winner! The spectacular sunset and the atmosphere made it the perfect day. We didn’t know about it before but right on the pier was a restaurant oyster boat, Grand Banks, there couldn’t have been so more perfect spot for it. Grand Banks At Hudson River Park

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It was so wonderful to end my tragic first try at golf watching the sunset on the water, with my friends, celebrating Karina’s birthday. We all had an amazing time, it didn’t rain, had fruit ices, Indian food, and we got to do something fun and different. I couldn’t ask for more and Karina smiled the whole time.
Have you ever played miniature golf? Are any of you great at it? Let me know in the comments below.

Until our next rendezvous…


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23 thoughts on “Mini Golf and Hudson River Park for Karina

  1. a nice place. i have worked in world financial center building 4, which is adjacent to hudson river. it is fun to be on either side of hudson river. thanks for sharing your experience. got some memories refreshed.

    1. It really did, it was hard to focus on the game because I was taking pictures of everything around me, the next group behind us didn’t appreciate it. Ha ha!!

  2. I am HORRIBLE at mini-golf, thus of course, hate it– ha! Such a bummer you didn’t get to do the chocolate tour– not that is something I can get on board with! But, it sounds like you guys had a great day anyways. The view was beautiful!

    1. We can do the chocolate tour anytime and ever since then, a chocolate museum has been opened so there’s another or better opportunity to enjoy chocolate.

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